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Event: 21 March 2014: various locations internationally
UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
"Racism continues to cause suffering for millions of
people around the world.... I look to all people to join
the United Nations in our drive to eliminate racism.
We must, individually and collectively,
stamp out racism, stigma and prejudice."
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Event details:
Event details:

Updated Event: 21 March 2014: Redfern, Sydney, NSW
Pilger joins Aboriginal activists in renewed fight for rights
STICS Public Forum: Aboriginal Rights; Rebuild the Fight
Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
Marking the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Venue: Redfern Town Hall
Speakers include:
* John Pilger, Utopia filmmaker
* Dianne Stokes, Muckaty Traditional Owner
* Uncle Albert Hartnett, Wangkumurra man with first hand experience of child removal
"STICS works hard to ensure the voices of
Aboriginal people living under the Intervention
are heard around the country, organising
speaking tours and protests."
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New Events: 20-22, 26, March 2014; 5, 7 April 2014; 26 May 2014; 28 June 2014:
Various locations around Australia including:
Auckland, Dunedin, Melbourne, Newcastle, Murray Bridge, Mount Victoria NSW,
Epping, Hobart, Sydney, Avoca Beach, La Perouse, Ryde
John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia'
"When I began filming this secret Australia 30 years ago,
a global campaign was under way to end apartheid in South Africa.
Having reported from South Africa, I was struck by the similarity
of white supremacy and the compliance and defensiveness of
liberals. Yet no international opprobrium, no boycotts, disturbed
the surface of "lucky" Australia." John Pilger, Guardian
All screenings of 'Utopia':
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Event details:
'Utopia' film reviews: & &
Respect and Listen Background to 'Utopia' film:
WGAR Background to 'Utopia' film:

New Event: Tue 20 May 2014: Sydney, NSW
RightsTalk: Advancing Aboriginal social and economic rights
through effective governance of governments
Presenter: The Hon Fred Chaney AO
Venue: Australian Human Rights Commission
"Since the last year of the McMahon government all
successive governments have aimed to reduce if not
eliminate Aboriginal disadvantage. It is universally
agreed that while progress has been made,
particularly in the area of legal rights, social and
uneconomic rights have lagged both hopes and
Event details:
Event details:

New Event: Sun 25 May 2014: North Narrabeen, NSW
Come Celebrate the National Sorry Day 2014
Hosted by the Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater
Guringai Festival 2014: "Wellness and Wellbeing for all People"
"A time for all Australians to reflect on the profound
grief and trauma experienced by Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people, particularly members of
the Stolen Generations. It is also an opportunity to
celebrate their strength and resilience, and to reaffirm
our shared commitment to healing and reconciliation."
Event details:

Updated Event: 26 May 2014: various locations in Australia
National Sorry Day
"National Sorry Day is an annual day of
commemoration and remembrance of all those
who have been impacted by the government
policies of forcible removal that have
resulted in the Stolen Generations." NSDC
"National Sorry Day is a reminder of the
personal pain and ongoing damage caused
by our nation's failure to respect Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people as equals." ANTaR
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Event details:

New Event: Mon 26 May 2014: Narrabeen, NSW
Listen to stories concerning Aboriginal people in our local area
Hosted by the Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater
Guringai Festival 2014: "Wellness and Wellbeing for all People"
"Learn from Neil Evers and Julie Janson about proposals
to erect dual signage see examples of interpretive walks
and dual signage that acknowledge Aboriginal archaeology,
shared history and use of natural environment."
Event details:
Event details:

Event: Sat 28 June 2014: Ryde, Sydney, NSW
'concerned Australians': In the Absence of Treaty Ryde (NSW) Book launch
Book presentation in conjunction with the screening of Utopia,
John Pilger’s film on Aboriginal Australia (entry free)
This event is part of the Guringai Festival 2014
Organised by the Bennelong Reconciliation Group
Event details:
Event details:

Updated Event: 16 October 2014: University of Sydney, NSW
Dr Charles Perkins AO 2014 Memorial Oration and Prize
Guest speaker to be confirmed
"In 2001, the University of Sydney, in collaboration with the
Koori Centre, launched the Dr Charles Perkins AO Annual
Memorial Oration. The establishment of the Oration began
as a recommendation of the Committee to Review Aboriginal
Education at the University of Sydney, of which Dr Perkins
was a member."
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Creative Spirits: Aboriginal calendar
"When you look at the events which are significant to
Aboriginal people you’ll notice that their recent history
is one of a fight for rights, land and recognition.
It is also a history of sadness, loss and denial."

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