Anima Mundi film trailer - David Holmgren, Michael Ruppert, Vandana Shiva, Stephan Harding, Permaculture, Peak Oil, Gaia
Anima Mundi movie trailer. Anima Mundi is a new documentary (Coming Soon) on Permaculture, the Gaia theory, Peak Oil survival and Climate Change (man-made or not) featuring David Holmgren (co-originator of Permaculture), John Seed (Deep Ecology), Dr Stephan Harding (Gaia Science and author of Animate Earth), Dr Vandana Shiva (Human Rights - Environment - Philosophy), Michael C Ruppert (from the movie Collapse), Michael Reynolds (from the film The Garbage Warrior), Fiona Corke (Wildlife), Dr Christine James (Psychology), Dr Mark O'Meadhra (Anthroposophy), Su Dennet (Permaculture), Alanna Moore (Permaculture) and Permablitz.

Written and Directed by Peter Charles Downey. Soundtrack song is The Inner Workings composed by Peter Charles Downey. Copyright 2010

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