Sydney University

NEW VIDEO: Police brutality at the Sydney University strikes

Below is a new four minute video giving a brief, but detailed analysis of the police brutality at one of the Sydney University strikes. We see police snatching camera, twisting arms, giving out headlocks and more. All in the name of protecting the university from the seething rage of class struggle. We have nothing but love and compassion for our friends and comrades who have been physically hurt, and emotionally burdened by being dragged through needless court processes.


Letter from Honduras, of demand/solidarity against repression at Syd Uni

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
11 July 2013

To the university authorities of University of Sydney, Australia

In the honour of solidarity between the peoples of the world, from Honduras, we learnt of the abuses by police against university students and workers and other people who fight for better conditions at this University. These people had their rights violated: we demand an end to this repression.

We join our voices in calling for the respect of people's integrity and for a liberatory education.


Protest against Sydney Uni Dalai Lama ban

The University of Sydney has withdrawn its support for a talk by the Dalai Lama - a global icon of peace and human rights.

The only explanation for this shocking decision is that the University has caved into pressure from China.

We can't let the Chinese government and the University of Sydney's administration get away with censoring the Dalai Lama's message at one of Australia's most prestigious universities.

Please join us this Wednesday to protest the University's lack of respect for academic integrity and human rights.

Sydney University condemned for banning Dalai Lama

Human rights groups blast Sydney University over its decision to cancel a planned visit by the Dalai Lama.

John Kaye media statement:
The University of Sydney has withdrawn an invitation to the Dalai Lama to
speak on campus in June. The University has compromised its independence to
protect its financial ties with the Chinese government, according to Greens
NSW MP John Kaye.

('Uni under fire for pulling pin on Dalai Lama event', ABC TV 730, 17


How to have fun at corporatised O-Week

On Wednesday 27th February, some student dissidents and fellow rebels from Sydney University staged some O-Week counter-activities. O-Week, which runs for three days in the week before semester begins, provides corporations and banks, major sponsors of the Sydney University “Union” who organize O-Week, the opportunity to present a friendly face to the student public at their stalls, offering games, prizes and giveaways.