Social Movement

Two more milestones for Animal Rights Zone (ARZone)

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the international abolitionist animal rights social network, celebrates its first anniversary on 21st December 2010 - and has also just topped 1500 active members who take part in weekly global “chats,” write forum and blog entries, and post videos in order to highlight and discuss the pressing issues of the day in the animal advocacy movement.

New intl. anarchist website:

This site is about anarchism, for and by anarchists worldwide. Hopefully it will be a resource and a community place where people can get together and organize, or just make friends with like minded people.

Some of the goals of this site is :

* To promote Freedom, Solidarity, Direct Democracy, social revolution, Equality, free speech, atheism, ecology and science/progress.

* To counter the propaganda of both the "left" and "right" and all those threatened by anarchism.

* To spread news and events in order to organize and encourage people to participate.

Riots and police brutality on first day of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder anniversary


Riots have broken out in Athens and Salonica during the first day of A. Grigoropoulos murder anniversary with police demonstrating extreme brutality leaving two people seriously wounded by a motorised charge on the Athens march.