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Citizen Inspection Team on the scent of war profiteers in Rockhampton

Peace Bus Press Release June 8th A Citizen's Inspection Team will be demanding entry to the premises of Serco Sodexo, from noon Thursday 9 June 2011 at Building 23, Western Street Barracks, Rockhampton. Serco and Sodexo are global corporations which in return for tax payer dollars provides management services for army barracks, refugee detention centres, prisons and the like.

Serco Sodexo Defence Services holds the service contract for the Talisman Sabre war games and it is the newest member of Capricorn Tourism and Economic Development Ltd.

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Peace Bus Press Release 23rd May captain, Graeme Dunstan, has taken up the convening of the 2011 Peace Convergence and he is now in residence in Rockhampton organising citizen resistance to the Talisman Sabre war games (18-29 July). Talisman Sabre is the biggest military exercise in the land, a national event and as such the most visible manifestation of the US Alliance.