captain Convenes Peace Convergence 2011

Peace Bus Press Release 23rd May captain, Graeme Dunstan, has taken up the convening of the 2011 Peace Convergence and he is now in residence in Rockhampton organising citizen resistance to the Talisman Sabre war games (18-29 July). Talisman Sabre is the biggest military exercise in the land, a national event and as such the most visible manifestation of the US Alliance.

"I am here to make the occasion a national event for the advocacy of peace," said Graeme. "I aim to draw out and give form, color and vibrancy to the popular resistance of the times to war and the preparation for war. I want to bring forth the peacemakers, make them visible and vocal. "

"I want to undo the US Alliance and challenge complacency and cant."

"I want that, when lying, war backing politicians witness the depth of our dissent, the breadth of our community, and the goodwill and good faith that carried us on, it will be some rare moment of truth for them, a dawning disillusion, and that the wind will go out them like a punctured football."

Graeme 67 is a long time peace activist, radicalised while an engineering student at the University of NSW in the sixties, one of the "Roll over the Bastards!" under LBJ car in 1966.

He also has had a long career as a community artist and events creator. He is widely regarded a community cultural development guru, a pioneer in the field. Graeme now lives in a van with artful signage on its side, flags and lantern making tools under his bunk, and speaker horns and bamboo flag poles of the roof racks. A rolling protest support vehicle, Graeme calls his rig and maintains a blog about his travels and adventures on a website of the same name.

A founding pioneer of the mass lantern events at the Woodford Festival, he is a traveling man of flags and lanterns. Most recently Graeme organised a Anzac eve Peace Lantern Vigil at the Australia War Memorial in Canberra.

He contributed colour and enchantment to the Peace Convergences of 2007 and 2009. And he aims to do likewise for PC2011. Based at Franz Jaegerstaetter House, 22 Buckle Street, Park Lane, Graeme will be organising flag and lantern making workshops as community engagement projects in the lead up the Peace Convergence.

Program evolving.

Further information contact Graeme Dunstan at



I have just viewed Graeme's peacebus website. It appears he is much into 'protesting' as a hobby. The subject doesn't quite matter. Pictures posted show he has protested for anti war, aboriginal embassy, anti american, anti climate change, anti GM food, anti de-salination plant, pro mardi gras, and pro hemp embassy to name a few.

With the broad portfolio posted on his website, I think he would join any group no matter what barrow they were pushing. As long as it's a protest and not anything positive towards the government, defence force or police.

Your right what possible link could there be in protesting for peace, anti-racism and the environemnt Sid. Likewise what possible connection could ther be between the government the army and police. Graeme is one random dude! Nicely spotted Sid.