Palestianian Solidarity

Rael awards Stephen Hawking 'Honorary Guide' title

LAS VEGAS, May 10 - After Professor Stephen Hawking recently decided to withdraw from the Israeli President's Conference, Rael, leader and founder of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), decided to award him the title "Honorary Guide of Humanity."

Hawking reportedly withdrew from the conference to support an academic boycott against Israel that is being enacted to protest that nation's occupation of Palestine.

"Here is one of the greatest minds on Earth, showing the way for all to follow," Rael said of Hawking, in a statement released today by the IRM.


Don't be another brick in Israel's wall - International week against the wall 2011(Melbourne)

On November 12, as part of the 9th annual international week against the apartheid wall, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Melbourne took to the streets to raise awareness about Israel's occupation and apartheid policies.

In November 2000 Israel approved the first project to build a so-alled "security barrier" -- a 8 metre high wall (twice the height of the Berlin Wall), with watch towers, electric fences, concrete walls, trenches, sensors and military patrols.