onus of proof

WGAR News: Tracker: Dept hampered native title inquiry: report

Newsletter date: 23 March 2013


* Tracker: Dept hampered native title inquiry: report
* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Professor Jon Altman re Native Title Act Proposed Amendments
* NITV News: Native Title changes reverse burden of proof to government
* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Onus of proof reversal is essential to native title reform
* Background to Mabo and Native Title

* CAAMA: Cross Cultural Program Acknowledges Aboriginal Law

* The Wilderness Society: WildCountry and Aboriginal Australia

The worst drug-criminals are legislators

An Australian court finds that the existing drug laws, by reversing the onus of proof, violate the presumption of innocence. But all convictions stand. To any legislator who willingly allows the reverse onus of proof to continue, I say: May it please God that you become a victim of it. [From OpEdNews, USA.]