media lie

Detective Job: Can you point out the flaws in this report?

This is an exercise for the public to learn how to distinguish between honest journalism and agenda based writing. Below is an embedded screenshot of an article on The New York Review of books (20 May, 2014) title ‘Tiananmen: How Wrong we Were’ by Jonathan Mirsky. (see screenshot evidence: attachment 1)

How BBC manufactured the perception of a "Massacre" without having to show their viewers a single chip of a dead person

Despite the 2011 WikiLeaks leaked US government cable and the 2009 confession made by BBC journalist James Miles that he had "conveyed the wrong impression" and that there was no one killed in Tiananmen Square in 1989. A simply search on BBC website using the term ‘Tiananmen Massacre’ will revealed that the BBC has continued to use the term ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ in all kind of occasions to demonise the Chinese government.