Ethic of Journalism

Detective Job: Can you point out the flaws in this report?

This is an exercise for the public to learn how to distinguish between honest journalism and agenda based writing. Below is an embedded screenshot of an article on The New York Review of books (20 May, 2014) title ‘Tiananmen: How Wrong we Were’ by Jonathan Mirsky. (see screenshot evidence: attachment 1)

No evidence to support Chen Guangcheng’s “beating” claims

From the outset, Chen seems to be just another Chinese dissident brutally treated by the authorities, however, there are more to that.

In the opening statement at the Council on Foreign Relation (31 May, 2012), Professor Cohen of the New York University made it clear that Chen “had never studied law” when “the State Department” asked him to meet Chen nine years ago (that is in 2003).

Ethic of Western journalism: The evolution of Chen Guangcheng’s “escape” stories

- 16 escape stories with only one that makes sense

The blind Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng has finally “escaped” the “brutal” treatment of the Chinese “regime” and landed in the “free” world. The world in particularly the American media called this a human rights win for America.

Dalai Lama, Tibet and western media

China has often being misunderstood by the Western public due to factual distortion by Western’s journalists and writers. Bruce Gilley, an assistant professor of political science at Portland State University’s Mark O.