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Two sides to the debate on logging forests and the issues that concern us all

What are the issues affecting forestry, timber harvesting, the loss of habitats? Environmental Scientist, Dr Beth Schulz says logging is a crime against nature. Forester and Chair of the WA division of Foresters of Australia, John Clarke says anti-logging protestors have got it wrong and that Western Australia's regrowth forests are thriving. Read the full article as the two sides of the forestry debate are presented


YES, there are numbats in Warrup

by Gerry Georgatos Conservationists have been campaigning to save what they say is WA's largest numbat colony in Warrup. The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) had been denying such a colony existed.

The conservationists have called for a halt to logging in Warrup after finding what they say is irrefutable evidence of endangered numbats living near the logging in Warrup.


Forest Rescue tie up logging operation.

Media Release: Forest Rescue 27th February 2012

Forest Rescue has successfully stopped work within the Warrup section six logging coupe again today, Monday 27th February 2012.

A Forest Rescue activist has tied up all logging machines within the Warrup logging coupe, and then suspended himself in a jarrah tree attached to the web like rope system, bringing work to a halt.

Forest Rescue has been battling the FPC and Warren Forest Products Services for nearly an entire month now.