Logging protest Tasmania

Tasmanian tree sitter reaches 100 days.

Media Release March 23rd 2012 Miranda Gibson has been at the top of a tree in Tasmania’s threatened forest for 100 days. Ms Gibson’s extraordinary effort began in mid-december when she climbed to the top of the tree vowing to remain on her tree-top platform until the area was protected, as it should have been according to the Intergovernmental Agreement. Miranda celebrated her 100th day amid snow.


Code Green demands exit from BenLomond

Code Green media statement August 25th 2011 10 members of environmental community group CODE GREEN have blockaded a logging coupe in East Ben Lomond in Tasmania’s northeast. Tasmania Police and Forestry Tasmania are on-site and have instated a 4.5 km radius exclusion zone. The protesters have been directed to leave the exclusion zone and nine members of the demonstration have complied. A protester is still suspended from a tree-sit thirty metres up a Black Peppermint Gum attached to three machines.