Tasmanian tree sitter reaches 100 days.

Media Release March 23rd 2012 Miranda Gibson has been at the top of a tree in Tasmania’s threatened forest for 100 days. Ms Gibson’s extraordinary effort began in mid-december when she climbed to the top of the tree vowing to remain on her tree-top platform until the area was protected, as it should have been according to the Intergovernmental Agreement. Miranda celebrated her 100th day amid snow.

“For 100 days I have sat at the top of this tree, bringing international attention to the ongoing destruction that is occurring every day in Tasmania’s irreplaceable high conservation value forests. It is timely that today Jonathan West’s report has been released, giving clear evidence of the global significance of these forests.” said Ms Gibson.

“Documented evidence has shown that Tasmanian devils are living in this area of forest. The West report has indicated the significance of these endangered species and the importance of these habitat areas” said Ms Gibson.

“I am committed to staying another 100 days if that’s what it takes. However, I hope that Tasmania will not have to wait that long to see these precious forests protected” said Ms Gibson.

“To mark my 100th day in the tree sit we will be posting 100 letters to the corporate customers of Ta Ann. These letters, from community members, will send a strong message that Tasmanians do not want to see our world class forests destroyed to make veneer” said Ms Gibson.

“My 100th day has been a special day so far, with a spectacular show from the forest as it snowed for the first time since I have been up here. Despite the cold weather, I enjoyed the beauty of the forest in the snow. I hope that through my action people all around the world can share the wonder of these forests and help conserve them for future generations” said Ms Gibson.



How could it snow in March we Have global warming?