Internet freedom

Web to go on strike on January 18th to stop SOPA

On Jan 24th, the U.S. Congress will vote to pass internet censorship in the Senate, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. We need to kill the bill - PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House - to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity. We need internet companies to follow Reddit's lead and stand up for the web, as we internet users are doing every day.

On Jan 18th, sites will go dark to protest the internet censorship bills. Urge the biggest sites to join the strike. Sign the Petition. Participating? Add your site to the list, and spread the word.

Australian Wikileaks founder targeted by the Pentagon

Since June 7th , U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, has been in custody in Kuwait as he is investigated for releasing the footage of U.S. state terror in Iraq to Wikileaks entitled Collateral Murder . The Pentagon now apparently wants to find and question Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Asange over this and other documents Wikileaks may have. This is an outrageous attempt by the U.S.