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WGAR News: Peak body questions reasoning behind proposed funding cuts to Aboriginal radio: CAAMA Radio

Newsletter date: 12 May 2014


* National Indigenous Radio Service 'Weekly News In Review': Preview of the Federal budget and reaction to the Commission of Audit report
[Featuring Justin Mohamed, Les Malezer, Damian Griffis and Dawn Casey]

* CAAMA Radio: Peak body questions reasoning behind proposed funding cuts to Aboriginal radio [Featuring Dr Donna Oedegaard]
* CAAMA Radio: Veteran RIBS broadcaster Warren H Williams defends community broadcasting
* IRCA - Indigenous Remote Communications Association: Community Broadcasting Program supports essential media services

Does the Indigenous Land Corporation have the ability to run a cattle station? Ask the 500 dead cows

By Mick Estens

In the past month a situation on an ILC leased Station in the NT has unfolded that shows neglect, even ignorance, by ILC management. Outbreaks of the cattle disease Botulism is not a new thing on a Northern cattle station but in this day and age controls have been developed to help pastoralists cope. Before the days of supplement and vaccine large numbers were lost over vast tracks of outback land.


ILC hits back over “untrue, misleading, personal attack”

The Indigenous Land Corporation has hit back at the anonymous posting of a story on the Indymedia website on July 10 branding it as “inaccurate, untrue, misleading and a personal attack on ILC Chairperson Shirley McPherson.”

ILC General Manager David Galvin said the story, “ILC accused of defrauding Aboriginal people”, attributed to comments allegedly made by Michael Anderson, was factually flawed and probably defamatory and had to be answered in detail to set the record straight.