Gay and Lesbian

Is Scientology Still Homophobic

Does the Australian branch of Scientology support L. Ron Hubbards anti gay policy?

Are LGBTI people welcome to join the church in Australia?


In recent years sections of the church of Scientology have tried to soften the churches anti gay stance.

But insiders and some former church members say the policy is still alive and well, although the church tries to avoid any public discussion of the matter.

While some local church branches have tried to appear gay friendly the gay hate policy persists.

But what about Australia?


Same-sex pensioners set to suffer under law reform

Homosexual Law Reform proposed by the Rudd Government to end discriminatory practices with regard to pensions still has a long way to go according to Mannie De Saxe of Melbourne Lesbian and Gay Solidarity.

According to Mannie "the Federal Government is about to inflict a new method of elder abuse on the Gay Lesbian Transgender and HIV/AIDS communities, particularly those least able to defend themselves against this new form of discrimination, homophobia and other forms of abuse by targeting same-sex aged, disabled and other disadvantaged most vulnerable people."