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DEATH PENALTY - Execution methods in USA


With the guidance of medical experts, the following explains how prisoners are executed in the USA.

In the U.S, lethal injection is by far the most common method of execution and because it is the most frequently used, it is the most 'botched'.

INDONESIA - Death By Firing Squad

Execution by firing squad is the common capital punishment method used in Indonesia for a number of crimes including drug trafficking. The barbaric and cruel method has remained unchanged since 1964. Most prisoners on death row in Indonesia have been waiting more than ten years for execution.

The condemned prisoners are notified only 72 hours before their pending execution by firing squad. The prisoners are then transfered to a remote island location. In the middle of the night they They are and taken to an undisclosed isolated location to be executed by firing squad.

INDONESIA: President orders execution of drug-traffickers

The new Indonesian President Joko Widodo, appears to have dashed the hopes of human rights activists by endorsing the execution by firing squad of five prisoners on death row. Indonesia will execute five drug traffickers on death row this month (December) after their requests for presidential clemency were rejected. 'The president ordered authorities to carry out the legal process accordingly,' the co-ordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, Tedjo Edi Purdjianto, was quoted on Thursday as saying on the Cabinet Secretariat's website.