Protest underway at Eden woodchip mill

A protest is currently underway (17th January 2011)at the Eden woodchipmill. A tripod has been erected and police are in attendance. Below is a statement from one of the protestors from South East Forest Rescue.
This year marks the first official International Year of the Forests. As part of a summer campaign to raise awareness of the state of play regarding native forests on the south coast, today South East Forest Rescue have disrupted access to the Eden woodchipmill on Edrom Road. There is a person sitting in a tripod twenty feet above the ground.
Youtube clip of the blockade


Proposed Eden biomass power station an environmental and climate disaster

In April Conservation groups on the South Coast of New South Wales called on the Keneally Government to immediately reject a proposal for a Wood Fired biomass Power Station, nick named by them as 'Dead Koala Power', at the infamous Eden Woodchip Mill. South East Fibre Exports, a Japanese owned company, plans to use chipmill timber waste to generate electricity in a 5.5 megawatt $20million plant. The power station would be an environmental disaster for native forests and a climate disaster with greater CO2 pollution than coal fired power. Public submissions online on the assessment for the biomass power station can be made until April 22.

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Traditional owners, conservationists protest far south coast logging

On Wednesday, April 14, more than 100 local people, led by three Aboriginal Traditional Owners, held a peaceful demonstration in the contested logging area of Mumbulla mountain on the far south coast of New South Wales. Mumbulla Mountain is sacred to the Yuin people and stronghold of the last koalas in the region between Bermagui and Bega. Logging of Mumbulla Forest koala habitat near Bega started on 29th March 2010. The traditional owners present said "We, the traditional owners of Mumbulla Mountain, are distressed that woodchip logging is taking place on part of our sacred land. The land should be handed over to us to care for it, our sacred sites and the animals that live here. We need to preserve it for our culture and our future generations."

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Youtube video: Mumbulla Mountain traditional owners say 'no' to logging | Mumbulla Photoset