community radio

The community radio stations with no future

Scores of smaller community radio stations could be left out of the digital future altogether.

As the big industry players move to digital broadcasting many stations may end up with no future and have to shut down.

Commercial radio, The ABC and the larger metro-wide community stations are currently making the transition to transmitting on digital radio.

About 30 large city based community stations can now be heard on both traditional radio (FM and AM) and also on digital radio.


Burning the future

Opens with a review of record heat and fires in Australia. Is coal destroying the country? Plus the under-reported monster storm in the Philippines, and Mexican gangs investing in coal.

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Then I chat with one of the best environmental journalists, Mark Hertsgaard. Mark just wrapped up key articles for The Nation magazine and recently Newsweek.


Sub-metro community radio stations face an uncertain future

Sydney community radio is unique for its non-profit structure and for providing a voice for groups that would otherwise not get access to the mainstream media. But smaller stations in this sector seem to have been completely overlooked as part of Australia’s move to go digital.

With one hundred thousand digital radios being sold in last six months Australians appear to be more keen than those in the US and the UK to take up this new technology.

But with no digital band-width being allocated for the Sydney sub-metro community stations, how secure is their future?