Carbon pricing

Australian Public opinion on carbon pricing and climate change

Was Australia's Federal election a referendum on the carbon price and Australia's policies on climate change? Prime Minister Tony Abbott would have us believe that it was. Indeed, he campaigned strongly to 'axe the carbon tax'.

Australian Emissions set to increase by 12 per cent by 2020 under Tony Abbott

According to Climate Action Tracker, it is likely Australian emissions under the Liberals policy will actually increase by 12 per cent by 2020, instead of meeting the unconditional commitment of 5 per cent on 2000 levels by 2020.

Abbott Government's first actions: trash climate change education, carbon pricing

On September 7 Australia elected the Liberal National parties - the Coalition - to Federal Government, with Tony Abbott as our new Prime Minister. It is a Government firmly in climate denial, intent on winding back carbon pricing; undermining renewables; and closing down the Climate Commission setup to communicate and engage the public on climate science and its impacts.

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Garnaut: Australia energy rich, but knowledge poor

By Kristy Henderson

“Climate change is a diabolical policy problem” according to Ross Garnaut, who in Melbourne on Tuesday night released the eighth climate change review paper: Transforming the electricity sector.

Speaking about the review in the most carbon intensive state in Australia, Garnaut optimistically touted Victoria’s history of innovation, and the inevitable role that this would have in transforming Victoria’s energy sector.