Alcoa to review Point Henry smelter at Anglesea

Alcoa have announced a review of the future of Point Henry Smelter near Anglesea in a press release to the Australian Stock Exchange. The smelter at Point Henry has been operating for 49 years and employs about 600 people. Maybe the government subsidies that prop up an inefficient industrial plant need to be redirected into reskilling, retraining and relocating the 600 odd workers that face losing their jobs.


Victoria's Biggest Polluter paid Billions to pollute and they want more!

The U.S. Multi-national Alcoa which runs two smelters in Victoria has received 4.5-6 billion dollars in public subsidies in the last 30 years in the form of cheap power it has been revealed in the Age. They also stand to gain an addition 1.7 billion dollars compensation under the CPRS but they still want more! Alcoa users 15-25% of Victoria’s energy, derived from brown coal. If we were to shut the smelters to power them on renewable we would slash our emissions overnight.