WGAR News: Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 20 events from 27 July 2012

Newsletter date: 27 July 2012

Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia
- 20 events from 27 July 2012

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Event: Fri 27 July 2012: The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
Talks on The Rocks:
Spirit of the Tent Embassy: 40 years on
* July 27 - Gabi Widders, an Anaiwan and Gumbangier woman
"To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Tent Embassy,
The Rocks Discovery Museum has invited four
Aboriginal women to reflect on the significance
of the Embassy in their own and their family's
lives for Talks on The Rocks in July."

People smugglers they are not, lawful and heroes instead - we have to change the language

Gerry Georgatos
The misappropriation of language and abuse of semantics in reference to ‘perceived people smugglers’ has to begin to change so we do not further erode compassion, and continue to skew the moral compass, bend and circumvent the rule of law- domestic and international.


A history of mandatory detention - presented by the Refugees Rights Action Network Perth

As part of the 20th year anniversary of mandatory detention, Refugees Rights Action Network Perth hosted a special forum examining the history of mandatory detention of refugees, the case against it and the role activism has played in challenging it. Guest speakers included activists who have been involved in the campaign for 20 years, who have seen the political and public landscape surrounding refugees transform into what it is today. The growth and change of the campaign against it was also examined.

Dexamphetamine and ADHD cons - Mental health policies must move from medication to recovery

Gerry Georgatos
"In Western Australia, 1989, 880 people were prescribed stimulant medication (for ADHD). By the year 2000 this had increased to 20,648, with the WA Health Department estimating 18,000 prescriptions having been issued to children. By 2002 WA prescription rates were amongst the highest in the world, exceeding the US national average,” said Martin Whitely.


Malcolm Fraser writes Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison have nothing to be proud about in their race to the bottom of the barrel

From occasional commentator and former PM, Malcom Fraser, via http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/abbotts-evil-policy-work-20120617...

The Coalition's latest asylum seeker plan is inhumane and lacks integrity.

TONY Abbott and Scott Morrison recently stood in front of Australia and proudly presented the Coalition's plan to ''ensure integrity and restore confidence in refugee assessment''. There is not much to be proud about in this policy. The announcement was based on misinformed and misleading information that plays straight into the unfounded public fear of asylum seekers.

Hazara refugee threatens to sue ABC over Four Corners story

by: Paul Maley, National Security Correspondent
From: The Australian June 14, 2012
A HAZARA refugee named on the ABC's Four Corners program as an "agent" of people-smugglers is threatening legal action against the national broadcaster unless an apology is issued and the "defamatory" claims withdrawn.

Medhi Rezaiee was named as collecting a payment on behalf of his brother, Mohammed Ali, as part of a Four Corners program into people-smuggling activities in Australia.

Special public forum on racism and police violence at Trades Hall, Melbourne

Socialist Alternative invites you to a
Racism and Police Violence
Thursday June 21, 6:30pm
SA Centre, Trades Hall
(corner of Victoria St and Lygon St)

Tamar Hopkins, Principal Solicitor for Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre, industry expert on police and racism
Robbie Thorpe, Aboriginal activist and one of the Organisers of the Victorian Tent Embassy
Gerry Georgatos, Journalist and PhD researcher into Australian deaths in custody and Australian prisons and detention centres
Louisa Bassini, Long-time Socialist and anti-racism activist

See it to believe it: 3 minute video clip - two human rights activists charged for singing Christmas Carols

Human Rights belong to everyone

Our justice system struggles to find the time to prosecute major criminality however has the time to persecute ordinary folk in the business of awareness-raising


Rally outside the Perth Magistrate Court on June 28

Expose about two pro-Palestine activists facing court on June 28, 2012 in Perth, Australia.

Miranda Wood and Alex Bainbridge were charged with trespass for singing modified Christmas carols in December 2011. They face a two day trial beginning 28 June 2012.

Human Rights Alliance media release - The Australian Government is lying - they told me they knew, and face to face

The piecemeal release of a score of Indonesian children from adult prisons is not enough

Another four children have been released from Australian adult prisons, following the three children released several weeks back, and therefore they were wrongly convicted. It is good they are going home to their families.

Country regions right behind the renters rights revolution – now a national movement

Gerry Georgatos
Renters Alliance (RA) WA coordinator Lea Keenan said that every week now Blackwood residents, renters and some who are home owners, are joining the movement and "are motivated for a united pursuance for legislation to make life fair for everyone."

Rally – August 15 – WA State Parliament – Rallies Australia-wide – October 16 – every capital city and many towns.