Turn About

Almost 320 years ago to the day, the twin global economic problems of poverty and eco-devastation, were legitimised by an act of the English Parliament.

Could it be time for a new Act to reverse this situation?

So Bentley protester; as a concerned citizen you legitimately object to what you say is, and hopefully now was, an unnecessarily destructive, irrational attempt by the gas and oil miner Metgasco, to exploit our local Northern Rivers environment. However, assuming the yoke of our financial-system it may well be exploitation but irrational it is not.

The dictionary says irrationality is,’ not consistent with reason.’ But protester, that global exploitation is done for a very good reason: profit at any environmental or social cost, otherwise our economy founders.

In the Northern Rivers ECHO; James Anasstassiadis of Safety Fence Australia said after turning down the Metgasco offer of the most lucrative contract in his businesses history, that of fencing off one of their Northern Rivers drilling operations. “It’s just a filthy industry and I totally disagree with it.’ “It [Metgasco] is all about dollars and not about the environment.” Yes, James is right, but not only is Metgasco a problem to us, it has a problem that it must deal with in the best way it can.

Our legalised financial-system is the driver behind this environmentally destructive mining. If we probe the question, what is CSG Metgasco really mining for? We find the answer is for financial-profit. It suffers the curse of the profit motive imperative, the repetitive refrain of anti-Gas Land rallies and documentaries.
It’s generally agreed that the profit motive is heartless and seen as an evil colossus that bestrides our big industries and directs their unsustainable economic activities.

Have you ever considered there may be a valid reason why, no economy, no industry, no business, no family group and ultimately no individual can succeed in commerce without profit? We are all supported by profit. Without it we can access nothing.

Why: is the real question?

Is it realised that unless this question is investigated by folk supported by profit; that’s all of us, our future will be beset by wall to wall protest, confrontation and conflict or worse, eventual submission against a backdrop of bleak predictions on our Planet’s environmental future.
Commercial profit is such an imperative for living; it has become the world’s most essential resource. Without the profit from export we too here in the first-world would go without like the third-world; victims of the most appalling poverty.
UN statistics have shown that 35,000 children a day die of poverty related causes’.
Profit arising from debt-finance provides our only legal, but limited access to goods and services.

In 1694 The English Parliamentary Act gave legal protection to a group of several wealthy shareholders thus creating The Bank of England: the blueprint and model for modern banking practice.

CEO of the gas miner in question, Peter Henderson says “I’m protecting the interests of our shareholders and the company’s right to make a profit.” He went on to say that “The present system serves him well” and he didn’t rule out, ‘forced access” to his drilling site.

Naturally the only legal ‘force’ he would or could use would be the police-force? But wouldn’t our children have been taught in school that the police-force is there to protect them and safeguard them against those who would cause harm? Wow; ‘May the force be with us’ instead with profit.

Apparently it’s the most financially-profitable industry that needs protection against those disruptive obstructionists, namely the local inhabitants wishing to protect the Northern Rivers from harm. Bring out the police riot squad.

But seriously protester, under our present system, profit is far more important to the economy and to our big-business elected government, than an environment of healthy soil, air and water.

Don’t you really want to question why this is so?

Should we really believe that most industries and governments and the millions who work for and are supported by them are inhuman-monsters gloating over the havoc they wreak, socially and environmentally? It may seem natural to blame other people for their destructive industrial-activities. But that’s all industry is: they’re other people like us, not beastly ogres.

Could we all be victims, not of monsters but of a disastrous, centuries-old monstrous mistake? For the sake of what I define as humanity, I certainly hope we are.

So, objecting is arduous and dangerous with only short-term results. Without detracting from its obvious effectiveness I urge the incorporation of a radical solution that could bring about the long-term result such as the sustainable, kinder world we all strive for.

Section 27: of the 1694 British Parliamentary Act on banking has proven an altogether disastrous system. What is required is a new globally accepted Act, legalising a rational form of government finance.

Ralph M. Hawtrey, Former Secretary of the British Treasury stated that, "If the nation can issue a DOLLAR BOND, it can also issue a DOLLAR BILL. The element that makes the bond good makes the Bill good also.”

I urge you to consider that the hundreds of millions of dollars a year of government expenditure on the community then imagine those hundreds of millions of debt free dollars per annum circulating in the community. Wealth or debt, what do you want? When do you want it?