Desalinization plant not needed, government told

The Sunday Age has revealed that on in June 2007 the State Government was told by a review entitled "Review of Victorian Water Supply-Demand: Options and Risk" if they invested heavily in water saving they would not need the desalination plant.

Soon after the government announced it was preceeding with the plant. This raises questions about the true motives of the State Government. It would seem that their water plans have more to do with finishing the neo-liberal privitization agenda of the Kennett Government who was kicked out before he could sell of our water. The Desalination plant will be a PPP, probably with a French Water Multin-national who will be making profit out of every litre of water made and sold in at the plant. How else do you explain their stubborn refusal to follow the cheaper more environmentally sound options of recycling and water conservation.



desalination is so wasteful, when we can just recycle water instead and save money and time. keep on protesting!