Hazara Australians to protest across Australia at Afghanistan genocide

Hazara Australians are saying that Afghanistan is unsafe for Hazaras and they are asking the international community to intervene and protect Hazaras from being massacred. Thousands of Australian Hazaras and their supporters will gather in all main cities of Australia on Sunday, 30 May 2010 to protest against the current wave of attacks on Hazaras by Kochi (nomad) as the Taliban Pushtoon forces backed by Karzai Government and to show that the condition for Hazaras in Afghanistan and those fleeing as refugees, is unsafe and far from improved.

“We are deeply concerned about the recent attacks on Hazaras in Afghanistan. The Karzai government has done nothing to prevent the Taliban Kuchi’s invasion of Hazara lands. In fact, Karzai’s inaction encouraged the nomads to invade Hazara areas,” Abdul Alizada, a representative of Hazara community said.

The pastoralists known as “Kochi”, a predominantly Pashtun armed group, brought their flocks to the Hazara areas in Afghanistan, killed many civilians, burnt and looted their houses and made thousands of local Hazaras flee their homes.

“Hazaras were a strong supporter of the Karzai government and the international community; they were the first to lay down their arms. They contributed to the reconstruction of Afghanistan but the international forces for security in Afghanistan and Karzai government have not protected Hazaras from attacks by the Kuchis.” Alizada continued.

"Hazaras have been persecuted and forced to flee for over a hundred years under different Pashtun rulers, the Taliban and now by the Karzai’s government under the nose of NATO forces,” Ahmad R Wakil another Hazara community representative said.

According to Ahmad the Hazara people have been denied their basic human rights and protection by the occupation forces, “The Hazaras in Afghanistan have been stripped of their basic rights, the right to food by having Kuchi flocks to graze their harvest. They have also missed out on the billions of dollar poured in Afghanistan. Now they are forced to leave their lands. It looks like Hazaras don’t have a home; they are forced out from their homes,” Ahmad added.

“The Hazara community, including those in Australia, want an end to this centuries old cruel practice. We want peace and long term security,” said Ahmad, “The Australian Hazara community requests that the international community must intervene in the systematic genocide of Hazaras and brings those who have committed crimes against humanity to justice,”

Another Hazara community member, Abdul Hekmat, said “In the light of increasingly vicious attacks by Kochis and Taliban, the Australian government has suspended the Hazara application for protection. This is concerning for us,” he said, “We are horrified about the opposition’s immigration policy announcement to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visa and keep people indefinitely in on-shore processing centre. We have lived through it all under Howard’s inhuman policy. Seeing it back is simply unacceptable,” says Abdul Hekmat

“We also thank the Australian nation for providing us with an opportunity to live in a safe and secure country, but for a large numbers of Hazara that peace and security is denied in Afghanistan” Mr Alizada concluded.

Demonstrations will be taking place across Australia on Sunday May 30th, organised by the Australian Hazara Council.

Places of Gathering:

  • Sydney from 12 – 2pm in Wynyard Park to Martin Place,
  • Melbourne from 2 – 4 pm in the front of State library in Swanston Street,
  • Adelaide, 11am to 1pm in Victoria Square,
  • Perth at 10am starts from the front of Parliament house for one hour,
  • Demonstrations in Brisbane will take place on Sunday 6 June in the City Centre from 10:30am to 12pm.

A massacre is happening

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6afUFTsBYP0/S_tuem9Il7I/AAAAAAAABOw/-cuY621ntR... http://kabul.net.au/Pictures/36.jpg


Houses and schools burnt


Photos, videos and reports on the attacks by the Taliban –backed Kuchis on Hazaras in Behsud and Daimirdad are available here: http://hazaristantimes.wordpress.com/

Also available are pictures and Reports of demonstrations across Afghanistan.

In a statement, the US Embassy in Kabul on its Facebook page has said;

Dear Facebook friends,

We have seen your many postings concerning the ongoing dispute between the Kuchi and Hazara peoples. This is an internal Afghan matter and the United States supports the efforts being made by the Government of Afghanistan to mediate an end to these conflicts.

We thank you for your comments,
U.S. Embassy Kabul



The West is silent because they are there to make money not to build the country. Come to your scences people of Afghanistan!!! The West Doesn't give a shit about the people of Afghanistan! The West itself are responsible for the death of thousands of people in Afghanistan. Whenever they murder innocent civilians they are always "accidents"!!! And beside they don't want peace in Afghanistan anyway, the more chaotic the country the better for them. They will get to stay there for longer! Iran is next!!!

what do we want- freedom
when do we want it- nowww

How can West cut a deal with Taliban? Taliban is a pure religious movement. For them West is Kafir. And their deal with Kafirs is not possible!!!!!
We will see how things will go! It is funny btw!

Since mid-last year Pakistani Hazaras from Alamdar Road
and surrounding areas in Quetta Pakistan have been selling
up their properties to come to Australia. These people
are NOT entitled to Refugee Visas, hence the reason for
Immigration stopping the processing of alleged Afghanis.

Get some education or may be read about history of Great Hazaras as we don't have time to reply this nonsense comments of yours. JUST TAKE THIS WORD ON MINE WE WILL INSHALLAH SHOW THE WORLD THAT WE ARE A GREAT NATION IN EDUCATION,SPORTS AND POLITICS YA ALI MADDAD.

I just wish to stop all the nonsense around the globe. BUT as you can see humans put many differences! For some there is no tolerance at all. You say Hazaras are not refugees in Pakistan! Just be an Hazara and try to walk to the areas in Quetta where non-Hazara communities are in majority. Or go to the areas where Taliban Shura is residing. You have little chance to come back home! And what you get from news ARE:
1. Banned Sunni Group claimed responsibility (Taliban Al-Qaida or Some Balochis)
2. Baloch liberation army (BLA) claimed responsibility (Mixture of above)
3. Let me claim? Okay you claim your turn!
What is this? Can you accept you being killed without any reason??????????????????????
See, we feel. We can also kill but we don't. May be we know about life and living things better than common human being in such socities. I know no one would take notice of what I am writing here. But my duty is to mention what we feel as Hazaras.
I know there will be time soon when every one would cry for peace. No matter what religion, sect or nationality. You are fedup of living so you want some horror and terror in our lives!! Well as an Hazara let me tell you that life is precious. And no one can become a god or goddess to decide about any ones life.
Any way, lets come back to reality. I think living 5-10 years in any country make you a legal national of that country or state! We Hazaras have been living both in Afghanistan and Pakistan for centuries!!!!!! Still we are not their citizens!!! Even the Baloch of Balochistan cannot count themselves legal citizens of Pakistan!!!! I favour Baloch community because they have same history like Hazaras of Afghanistan. Rights can not be taken from any HUMAN for long!! No power or force can stop it. In the end the cruel falls with his nose on the ground!
All we need is Humanity and equal rights. We are not after luxury. We want peace for all human beings regardless of what they believe in.

Thank you for all your input. It is enlightening to read all comments and learn about your people, culture & plight in your homeland. Please appreciate it is also important not to abuse your right of free speech - of which you have the privilege by being in Australia. From the point of view of an Australian who is truly concerned about the plight of Hazara in Afghanistan in particular; we have so much to learn. I ask that you reserve this and any forum you might enter for helping to educate us about what is really happening and possibly more importantly, what can be done to help. With modern technology at your fingertips, you have the perfect vehicle to instigate change - through ensuring we are all better informed & 'educated' in terms of what's really happening, whether it be in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Enlighten me - don't frustrate, bore, insult or turn me against you with accusations & threats. Please :-)

How Hazaras went down in Afg? by the Cannons! British Cannons!!!!

Big Fish eats the smaller! Is this the main rule of this planet??? Till what time this game will go on? If Pashtuns claim they are better Muslims what about pre Tasliban reign of Pashtuns? Pre Abdurrahman, the non-islamic homosexuality custom in Khandhar??? Pashtuns fight for land not religion. Islam in Arabic means Peace not Terror!!!!! Don't fool us!
Islam if Accepts all the other Messengers it must accept their followers too! This simple!
Today every one uses this killer religion. To the end of his own or their own benefits! This is wrong. The world is in a wrong direction. Nothing is a food!!!!!

You eat, you die!
Save the world beauty.

Looks like the above comment about Pakistani Hazara's is true:


It's funny how a lowly bus ticketing agent can afford to hire a top Rawalpindi lawyer to represent
him. Even more funny that he has he offered officials a substantial bribe in a bid to secure release.