The Animal Rights Zone Tom Regan Week.

Preeminent animal rights philosopher Professor Tom Regan is the award-winning author of more than 20 books, including The Case for Animal Rights (1983), Defending Animal Rights (2001) and Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights (2004). He has been described as “the philosophical leader of the animal rights movement” by the editors of Utne Reader (October, 2010) , who named him, along with the Dali Lama, as “one of fifty visionaries who are changing the world” [1] and is co-founder (with his partner Nancy) of the Culture and Animals Foundation.[2]

A week-long series of events have been organised (16 May - 21 May) to mark The ARZone Tom Regan Week, including the release of rare and exclusive questions and answers with the scholar/activist; a full transcript of Tom Regan’s interview conducted by ARZone; and culminating in an ARZone member’s “workshop” dedicated to a discussion of Prof. Regan’s body of work and his ARZone Q&As.

ARZone founder, Carolyn Bailey says: “This is a particularly important series of events for us at Animal Rights Zone. Prof. Regan is a very important person within the animal rights movement, not least because he provided the basic philosophical groundwork for what he calls the rights-based view approach aimed at abolishing the use of nonhuman animals.”

ARZone administrator Dr. Roger Yates says: “The importance of Tom Regan’s work in the history of the development of animal rights philosophy cannot be overstated. We are extremely happy that he has granted us a rare interview because it is important that his work is seen and appreciated by another generation of animal advocates.”




This is amazing! Professor Regan is the most important person involved in animal rights philosophy, world wide. He rarely gives interviews, so this is extra amazing that he's giving such a comprehensive interview.

Thank you!