The message from very many Aboriginal Peoples in Australia to the Australian Government is that the time is long overdue for genuine negotiation on treaties.

Please watch this 8 minute You-Tube video clip:

Aboriginal Peoples of Australia have been waiting for more than 200 years for formal and binding agreements with Government. They want the opportunity to take control over their lives and to determine their futures through legal agreements, compacts, covenants or treaties established in law and enforceable through the courts...
'concerned Australians' -

Comments by Ray Jackson, President Indigenous Social Justice Association, Prix des droits de l’homme de la Republique Francaise 2013 (French Human Rights Medal 2013)

“an excellent video from the 'concerned australians' group raising the concerns of several community elders against the horror of the nt intervention by the howard and subsequent governments. it examples the blatant theft of traditional lands for 99 years and then to be compensated from monies already belonging to them. they are not paid from the government coffers, they are paid from the mining royalties that is already theirs by right from the pittance the mining companies are made to give them.

this cynical practice mirrors the howard government use of some of the $400 million that was set aside to pay for the proper and full implementation of the rciadic 339 recommendations. howard used these funds to obstruct justice for several stolen generations cases in court. he also used those funds to fight native title cases in the courts. this was, and still is, grand theft indeed. to use our own monies against us merely highlights the fact that no australian governments have any intention of treating our peoples with the respect and honesty we deserve.

there will be no honourable reconciliation, recognition, treaties. nothing! the colonial theft and abuse of the previous 226 years will continue unabated until we are left with nothing. we will, however resist to the end.”