Coal Seam Gas Fracking resumes in Bentley

After a temporary reprieve with the suspension of Metgasco's license to drill in Bentley, near Lismore NSW, the company has obtained a court order to continue exploring for coal seam gas threatening again the farmland and water table.
This time the protesters will be confronted with up to 800 police and other legal tools to prevent another "people's victory".

There is an informed article highlighting the underlying cause and principles driving the corporations.
Unfortunately the story has been kept "locked" in the yet to be moderated articles pages.

If you like to read it go and type into the indymedia search box:

Turn About

and you can read it there.

I hope the moderator/admin recognizes the actuality and significance of the story and event taking place not just in Bentley,. but worldwide, and hopefully puts it up on the front page, sigh...

There is also a radio program available with first hand witness interviews at