Time for Emergency Action on Climate

Australian science blogger and author David Spratt renews his call for emergency action to save the climate. In his latest work, Spratt explains why the remaining amount of burnable carbon for a safe climate is ... zero.

All that talk of how much carbon we can burn over the next decade or two is sadly mistaken. If we have any margin left, we'll need that to grow food. Agriculture has it's own emissions, including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

That means we require a changeover in our economy as radical as happened in Britain in 1939, or America in 1943.

Sadly, the IPCC, governments and other official agencies talk as though we have a safe margin of hundreds of billions tons of carbon left to burn. Not so, and David Spratt explains why. He's the author of "Climate Code Red, the case for emergency action".

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Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock