Queensland events: National Day of Action Marking National Sorry Day: Stop Ongoing Stolen Generations!

Brisbane and Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary

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Event: Sun 25 May 2014 (eve of Sorry Day): The Gap, Qld
Sorry Day Ceremony - Balaangala
Venue: In the Garden Space
"You are invited to join with the Balaangala Community Group
at their Sorry Day Ceremony to remember and pay respects
to the families and communities of the Stolen Generations"
Event details: [scroll down page] http://www.antarqld.org.au/node/242

Event: 26 May 2014: various locations in Australia
National Sorry Day
"National Sorry Day is an annual day of
commemoration and remembrance of all those
who have been impacted by the government
policies of forcible removal that have
resulted in the Stolen Generations." NSDC
"National Sorry Day is a reminder of the
personal pain and ongoing damage caused
by our nation's failure to respect Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people as equals." ANTaR
Event details: http://www.nsdc.org.au
Event details: http://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/events/national-sorry-day
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1644
Background: http://www.nsdc.org.au/events-info/national-sorry-day/national-sorry-day
Background: http://antar.org.au/reports/sorry-day-a-reminder-unfinished-business

New Event: 26 May 2014: NSW, Qld, NT, WA
26 May - National Day of Action Marking National Sorry Day
Stop Ongoing Stolen Generations!
Called by Grandmothers Against Removals Gunnedah (GMAR)
* Returning children must be the priority
* No forced adoptions
* Support & services to prevent removals
"We, as Aboriginal Grandparents and parents, have
called protests across the country on May 26
demanding the return of our children who have
been forcibly removed by child welfare agencies."
Supported by:
* Indigenous Social Justice Association
* Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy
* Perth Aboriginal Tent Embassy
* Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
* Intervention Rollback Action Group Alice Springs
Event details: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/?page_id=536
Event details: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/
Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/653052328107426/
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/qld/event/34584/
Flyer: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/FilmPromo...
Poster: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/A3POSTER_...
Leaflet: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/NDA_leafl...

Event: Tue 27 May 2014: SLQ, Qld
The evolution of storytelling: written lies or spoken truth?
"Oral history is the oldest form of sharing knowledge and
culture, but in our rapidly changing world has this voice
been silenced? Join an esteemed panel of storytellers
for a conversation about the changing role of storytelling
in Indigenous Australia, discussing the validity of oral
history versus written history, the relevance of modern
storytelling, and questioning who our stories really serve."
Event details: [scroll down page] http://www.antarqld.org.au/node/242

Event: 27 May until 3 June 2014: various locations in Australia
National Reconciliation Week
"It is a time to celebrate and build on the respectful
relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander people and other Australians."
"National Reconciliation Week is framed by two
key events in Australia’s history, which provide
strong symbols for reconciliation:
* 27 May 1967- the referendum ...
* 3 June 1992 - the Mabo decision ... "
Reconciliation Australia
Event details: http://www.reconciliation.org.au
Event details: http://www.reconciliation.org.au/home/projects/national-reconciliation-week
Event details: http://maboday.com.au/
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1721
WGAR Background to Mabo and Native Title: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/07/02/background-to-mabo-and-native-title

Event: Thu 29 May 2014: Brisbane, Qld
Launch of Stolen Wages DVD
Venue: QUT Kelvin Grove Campus
Event details: [scroll down page] http://www.antarqld.org.au/node/242

New Event: Sat 31 May 2014: Hill End, Qld
Sorry Day Breakfast at Orleigh Park
Link Up (Qld) Aboriginal Corporation
Event details: http://www.989fm.com.au/events/sorry-day-at-orleigh-park/

Event: 14 December 2013 to 9 June 2014: South Bank, Brisbane, Qld
Our Dreaming: animating country
- connecting people to place through animation and storytelling
Organisation: State Library of Queensland
Venue: State Library of Queensland
"Through exhibitions, workshops and events Our Dreaming
showcases Queensland’s vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander stories, as they are retold through animation."
"Explore how new mediums have contemporised traditional
storytelling, preserving a rich legacy for future generations.
Our stories create enduring connections from past to present,
people to place and to each other, giving us a sense of belonging.
Experience how these stories are being shared and bring
your own stories to life."
Event details: [scroll down page] http://www.antarqld.org.au/node/242
Event details: http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/our-dreaming
Event details: [scroll down page] http://antarqld.org.au/node/240

Event: 23 - 27 June 2014: Brisbane, Qld
Remembering the past and looking to the future:
World Indigenous legal conference
"Held biennially the conference brings together Indigenous
lawyers and academics and those interested in
understanding issues critical to the development of
Indigenous people. The conference will consider a range
of topics including relationship to land, Indigenous knowledge,
women and children, recognition of first nations peoples,
economic independence, crime and criminal justice and
human rights."
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1646

Event: 13-15 October 2014: Cairns, Qld
2014 Indigenous Women's Conference
Venue: Pullman International
"The conference is hosted by M.E.E.S (Australia)
with great line up of speakers from around Australia
and internationally. The aim is to provide a platform
for Indigenous Women to celebrate their achievements
in life within their home, family, community and
workplace. The women conference presents a
unique opportunity for delegates to participate in
an event which is devoted to the sharing of
information and the empowering of women."
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/indigenouswomenconference.htm
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/mees2014conferences.htm

Event: 13-15 October 2014: Cairns, Qld
2014 Indigenous Men's Conference
Venue: Pullman International
"The conference is hosted by M.E.E.S (Australia)
with great line up of speakers from around Australia
and internationally. The aim is to provide a platform
for Indigenous Men to celebrate their achievements
in life within their home, family, community and
workplace. The event will focus on empowerment,
strong leadership and self-determination."
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/indigenousmenconference.htm
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/mees2014conferences.htm

New Event: 15 to 16 November 2014: Brisbane, Qld
National Aboriginal gathering planned for the G20
"A national gathering of Aboriginal people is planned to
coincide with the G20 in Brisbane later this year.
The overall purpose of this gathering will be to
reignite the push for self-determination and decolonisation. ...
Aboriginal people will use the national gathering to
focus on establishing a national Aboriginal assembly,
reviving Aboriginal governance and representative
structures on the ground across the continent, capacity
building towards a treaty process, and launching
campaigns both domestically and internationally to
advance our cause."
Organised by the Brisbane Treaty Collective
Supported by the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy
and the Aboriginal Provisional Government
All Aboriginal people are welcome.
Event details: https://www.greenleft.org.au/node/56380

Event: 8 - 10 December 2014: Cairns, Qld
2014 World Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference
Venue: Pullman International
"The event is designed to be the largest international
gathering of Indigenous and non Indigenous people
with an interest in stopping Domestic Violence.
The aim of the conference is to highlight and showcase
successful programs, that have lead to the decrease
incidence rates of domestic violence and elder
abuse issues."
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/worlddvconference.htm
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/mees2014conferences.htm

Event: Mon 15 - Wed 17 December 2014: Cairns, Qld
2014 International Indigenous Health Conference
Venue: Pullman International
"This gathering will highlight some of the existing Indigenous
health programs currently implemented in Aboriginal
communities all over the world and provide a unique
opportunity for delegates and speakers to see the power
of people networking together in one place, at one time with
similar goals and exchange information regarding the
successes and challenges that workers involve in
implementing Aboriginal health programs."
Event details: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/events/2014-international-indigenous...
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/worldindigenoushealth.htm
Event details: http://www.indigenoushealth.net/mees2014conferences.htm

Event: Ongoing: Cherbourg Aboriginal community, S-E Qld
The Ration Shed Museum
"When our Elders were moved off the land and taken to
Cherbourg they were cut off from their traditional sources
of food and were given weekly rations of mainly flour,
sugar, tea, sago, rice, split peas and meat. The rations
were given from a wooden shed which we have restored
and call The Ration Shed Museum. We use the Ration
Shed as a space to tell our stories."
Event details: http://rationshed.com.au/
Museum Hours and Pricing: http://rationshed.com.au/museum-hours-and-pricing

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"When you look at the events which are significant to
Aboriginal people you’ll notice that their recent history
is one of a fight for rights, land and recognition.
It is also a history of sadness, loss and denial."

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