The Stringer weekly newsletter - July 20

Welcome to The Stringer’s weekly newsletter - NEWS update: The Stringer went live February 20. Four months young The Stringer has been reaching a growing readership, nationally and internationally. In the three months since March 1, The Stringer on average has had 12,340 new visitors each month with May recording 15,072 new visitors.

Recently we introduced new contributors to The Stringer - Lester Ranby from Sydney, Mick Estens from the Northern Territory, Dr Binoy Kampmark from Melbourne, Delephene Fraser in Canberra, Dr Don Jacobs (Four Arrows) from Arizona, USA, Kathy Kelly in Afghanistan, Dr Ali Gohar in London and Peshawar, Poppy Burnett from Sydney, Colin Penter from Perth, and Ramdas Sankaran also from Perth Western Australia alongside our regulars Nicola Butler in Adelaide, and Western Australia’s trio of Suresh Rajan, Jimmy Bones and Gerry Georgatos.

The Stringer is always looking to expand our team. If you would like to become a regular contributor, or contribute an article, photographs, a radio or video news piece, we would be glad to hear from you.

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Some of our stories from the last week include:

National Congress elects Kirstie Parker and Les Malezer
18th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

CLIMATE OF DEATH – Justice denied means more will die
18th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Increased nephropathy risks for Aboriginal type-2 diabetics
17th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

What excuse will they come up with now?
17th July 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Tanks move in around Earth’s most threatened tribe
17th July 2013 by Survival International

Here we go again!
16th July 2013 by Suresh Rajan

Culture should not be denied; change needs unfolding, not impost
15th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

20,000 Asylum Seekers later and not a single claim assessed
15th July 2013 Marilyn Shepherd

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull?
14th July 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

Mandela’s greatness may be assured but not his legacy
14th July 2013 by John Pilger

Daniel Ellsberg’s Determined Lifelong Resistance
14th July 2013 by Ken Butigan & Daniel Ellsberg

Some of The Stringer’s most widely read stories include:

South Africa, twenty years after Apartheid, doing better than Australia
May 11th 2013 by Gerry Georgatos
Australia’s Aboriginal children detained at the world’s highest rates
May 1st 2013 by Gerry Georgatos
Cuts to single parent payments lead to hardship
2nd April 2013 by Gerry Georgatos
Australia’s pathway to poverty – bridging visas
30th March 2013 by The Stringer
Australia’s Aboriginal children – The world’s highest suicide rate
27th February 2013 by Gerry Georgatos
Is Australia a racist country?
7th April 2013 by Suresh Rajan
“What do these blacks want? An education? Send them back to the bush where they belong”
30th June 2013 by Gerry Georgatos

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