Karoly Says Fierce Aussie Weather a Warning to the World

Our opening guest this week on Radio Ecoshock is Dr. David J. Karoly. He's been a lead IPCC author and advises the Australian government through the Climate Change Authority. After a stint teaching Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, Karoly is now at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne.

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It must have been a bit of culture shock to teach at the University of Oklahoma - a state known for oil and climate denial. But Karoly was invited there to add climate experise, as he taught

Meteorology. While there are denialists in Oklahoma, don't generalize! There are plenty of people in Oklahoma who know fossil fuels are damaging the atmosphere.

Australia's Prime Minister says "whether it's bush fires, whether it's floods, we are being challenged by nature."

But maybe it's nature hyped up on carbon in the atmosphere. Maybe it's partly Australia's own coal exports. Like Dr. James Hansen in the United States, David Karoly is a scientist who signed a recent full page ad in Australia, put forward by Greenpeace and Friends of Earth, against increasing those coal exports.

Wait till you hear Karoly's cool description of what has been happening in Australia. It's wall to wall heat with new records set all over the place. Then came the floods and tornadoes.

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The other two guests are "the bug guy" Dr. Michael Raupp from the University of Maryland, speaking about insects in a new climate.

Plus University of California scientist Steven J. Davis explaining a new paper that says it's too late for "wedges" and likely too late with any existing technology - to stop damaging climate change.