Michelle Lovegrove (SBS) interviews journalist Gerry Georgatos returned from Roebourne & Yindjibarndi CEO Michael Woodley

SBS Living Black Michelle Lovegrove interviews Gerry Georgatos on stark contrasts between Yindjibarndi poverty and the wealth nearby, and then Michelle continues on with an interview with Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO Michael Woodley.


This interviews says quite a lot about it everything wrong in the Pilbara and for Indigenous people all over Australia.


This interview should go centre piece on this site. It is cutting to the bone and saying it straight.

They are the reality. The poverty of one town next to the indulgences of the nearby elites.

Yes, Michelle's and Gerry's question is the $64,000 question - Why do the Yindjibarndi remain poor?

Thank you Michelle for this interview, you spoke with two great men, the spirits guide them and the dreaming is with them.


What they said is what is the case.

Poverty nearby the greed of wealth.

Man is greedy and just shit.


Listen to the chairman of the Wirlu Murra - Bruce Woodley

And the whole story can be found at http://yindjibarndi.org.au/yindjibarndi/

breaks my heart