Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition - rallies to occur on the 31st of May

It has just been announced that Julian Assange has lost his appeal in the UK High Court against his extradition to Sweden. He legal team however has been granted a two week period to consider an appeal to have the case reopened on a technicality.

Julian is one step closer to disapearing into the gulag's of Obama's U.S.A. It was revealled in February that the U.S. has been drawing up an indictment to charge Assange at a secret Grand Jury for over 12 months. This is the real reason so much effort is being made to get Assange back to Sweden - who have a very close relationship to the U.S.

Join the rallies occurring around Australia on May 31st

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Thank you David Hicks for speaking at the Sydney Freedom for Julian Assange Rally tonight in Sydney.
What a honour to hear and see you talk so well about your informed thoughts and feelings.

The other speakers were amazing too, and the crowd was very large and aware.
It always starts with the few and eventuates with the many seeking truth and transparency from governments and corporations.

I went along to the Sydney Rallt tonight sadly knowing after last night Julian has losr his first appeal, yet am still in hope for this remarkable real journalist and Wikileaks.

The world has changed and no matter how mute the Australian politicians have been it will continue too until there is what the people want and not simply what the self serving others and paranoid others appear to want;
Punishments and torture for remarkable people who show the truth to all people.
The latter pinishments and torture never did work and never will.

Freedom for Julian Assange.
You Julian Assange, your family and friends are in my deepest thoughts and well wishes.