Violence breeds violence, police brutality is just not on, shouldn't be!

Some call for police to stop investigating police, others call for just common decency, when will police be brought into line with the rest of us, and for their sakes too, in being held accountable for behaviour that just makes it too difficult for us to trust in each other? These are only some incidents for your viewing for you to make up your mind - you can write to your local MPs, your Senators, state and federal, to your local government, your shire or council, to the news media, the your Police Commissioners, to the Attorney-Generals, to ministers, to the Australian Human Rights Commission, to Amnesty International, and believe me if enough of us do this for long enough it will make a difference, at long last - we should not crawl our way to a just society when we can all push for it a little bit harder... if you have the time view them all:

Police brutality at the cricket

Police brutality of the homeless

Police brutality at the Lobby restaurant

Police officers 'defending' nothing near Lobby restaurant

Police brutality at Occupy Melbourne

Tasered 13 times by WA police - nothing still done about the police officers

Living Black - Tasered 14 times by WA prisoners - nothing still done about the police officers

Police knew of fabricated evidence

Police officer changes her mind on evidence

Police brutality to stop a Sydney BDS campaign

Police don't like to be filmed

Police attack Melbourne protestors

Honest police officer stops dishonest and brutal officer in the NT

Police brutality in Queensland

Police torture of prisoners (CCTV) - you have to be over 18 to view

Cameron Doomadgee is dead, Officer Hurley without conviction