WGAR News: News of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island in Perth

Newsletter date: 21 February 2012

* News of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island in Perth
* New Website for Stronger Futures info and submissions
* Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 18 events from 21 February 2012


- Videos

Green Left: Nyoongar Tent Embassy: This is about sovereignty
17 Feb 12: "Aboriginal activist Iva Hayward-Jackson speaking on February 17 about the meaning and goals of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy established on February 12, 2012."

Green Left: Video: Nyoongar Tent Embassy in Perth calls for support
17 Feb 12: "Aboriginal rights activist Marianne Mackay urged people to come down to support the Nyoongar Tent Embassy on February 17."

YouTube: Nyoongar Embassy 1
17 Feb 12: "On the 17th February 2012 the newly formed Nyoongar Embassy sent a delegation to Perth City Council to give the CEO of Perth City Council a letter asking for evidence of when and where the City of Perth were given the authority to manage Nyoongar lands.... "

ABC 7.30: Perth's Tent Embassy protestors set to stay
18 Feb 12: "Noongar protestors say they won't leave their Heirisson Island camp until their demands for sovereignty are met."

- Audio Interview

SBS Living Black: WA Tent Embassy Protests Native Title Deal
16 Feb 12: "Nyoongar resistance to a proposed native title deal covering the Perth area, is continuing to grow. A new Tent Ambassy on Heirrison Island was set up to protest the touted one billion dollar deal. The government's package would put 500-million dollars into a trust fund and 500-million into an education fund - no cash. ... For elders like Uncle Richard Wilkes, surrending his custodianship of his land is unthinkable, and the proposed deal will not provide the benefits the government claims it will." Michelle Lovegrove

- Media Releases

Michael Anderson backs Nyoongar Embassy in Perth
19 Feb 12: "The last surviving co-founder of the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra has expressed his support for the Nyoongar Embassy encampment set up on Heirisson Island in Perth a few days ago and now under threat of eviction.
Michael Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi tribe, endorses the call by Robert Eggington, spokesman of the Nyoongar Embassy, that it’s the Perth City Council that should "move on".
State, Territory and federal governments should now be seeking legal advice on the true nature of the Aboriginal sovereignty claim as it will not be going away, Anderson writes in a media release.
"Our assertion of sovereignty over this continent is real and legally just. It is in English Law, and the English and the Australians have no choice but to deal with it in a mature and just manner," he argues."

Occupy Perth backs Noongar Tent Embassy on Heirisson Island
16 Feb 12: "Occupy Perth today welcomed the establishment of the Noongar Embassy on Heirisson Island.
The group praised the embassy as an important part of the movement for Aboriginal self-determination and land rights. To demonstrate their support, Occupy Perth activists will gather at the embassy this evening at 6.30pm.
Dave Suter of Occupy Perth condemned the "ongoing land grabs by the State Government in the south-west".
"Occupy Perth supports the Noongar embassy and stand with them against the institutionalised racism of the state toward Aboriginal people.""

- News

newsTracker: Noongar tent embassy remains defiant
20 Feb 12: "Protesters at an Aboriginal tent embassy in Perth have vowed to defy authorities following an early morning police raid that led to angry scenes when vehicles and tents were removed. Police have warned they will return in force to the Heirisson Island site, on the central Swan River, if the protesters continue to camp there in breach of council by-laws. ... some protesters said they would re-erect their tents on the site, which they claim is sacred Aboriginal land."

Socialist Alliance Western Australia: Nyoongar Tent Embassy defies police eviction
19 Feb 12: "Over fifty police and half a dozen council rangers moved in to try to evict the Nyoongar Tent Embassy before 6:30am this morning (January 19). Police marched in in force ("an armed military operation") and went tent to tent to force people to pack up. This move was an outrageous attack on Aboriginal sovereignty, on the right to protest and on common decency. Shame on Barnett who was invited personally to come down to the Embassy to discuss the issues involved. Instead of taking up the offer, he sent in the police. In the circumstances, people in the Embassy decided to take down tents and remove vehicles. However the Embassy remains strong and shows no signs of giving up. It is still important for people to come down to the Embassy to give support."

West Australian: Protesters still 'camping' at Heirisson
20 Feb 12: "Protesters camped on mattresses under humpies made of branches at Heirisson Island overnight, showing off of the new-look tent embassy as dawn broke over the Swan River this morning."

Indymedia Australia: Police converge upon Nyoongar Tent Embassy
19 Feb 12: "Nyoongar Tent Embassy has been surrounded by police since 6:45am this morning - I have been called by those from Tent Embassy, who are now not contactable that they have been ordered to pull down tents, remove cars and go. It was an early morning appearance while there is no-one on staff at The West Australian, however the call out went to news media, with Channel Ten and The Australian having arrived. ... " Gerry Georgatos

Perth Now: Protesters can stay, but no cars or tents - Perth City Council
20 Feb 12: "PROTESTERS are free to remain on Heirisson Island as long as they aren't breaking any rules, the City of Perth said today. A spokesman for the City of Perth said while the situation was "not ideal" they did not have the power to move them on. He said the city do "not have a problem with them being there" but would continue to monitor the situation."

Australian: Perth police move in to end Noongar tent embassy protest
20 Feb 12: "PROTESTERS from Perth's Noongar tent embassy shouted "shame" at police and told them they were working for the devil yesterday. The officers forced them to remove their cars and tents from Heirisson Island. In what embassy spokesman Greg Martin described as "an armed dawn raid", 50 officers and 10 rangers from the City of Perth arrived at the camp just before 6am."

Koori Mail: Police move on Nyoongar tent embassy
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/
19 Feb 12: "POLICE moved early this morning to dismantle a Nyoongar tent embassy established on Perth's Heirisson Island, or Matagarup, a week ago to protest a proposed $1 billion deal to extinguish Noongar native title. It's understood protesters packed down tents and removed cars from the site to comply with a City of Perth order but jostled with police officers and jeered them with chants of 'shame, shame' in the process. Members of the group are currently meeting on the site to determine their next move."

ABC: Police end tent embassy protest
19 Feb 12: "Dozens of indigenous activists have dismantled their so-called tent embassy on Perth's Heirisson Island after a large contingent of police moved in to enforce a move on notice. The Noongar activists have been camping at the reserve for a week protesting against a proposed native title agreement covering Perth and the South West. The deal, which would prevent any further claims, includes parcels of land and a trust fund believed to be worth a total of about $1 billion."

SMH: No special treatment for protesters: Police
19 Feb 12: "Police have dismissed suggestions that the Noongar protesters who set up camp at Heirisson Island were being given special treatment. This follows intervention from police and rangers yesterday morning after the protesters failed to abide by a move on notice given to them by the City of Perth that required them to remove their tents and cars by close of business on Friday. Protesters ignored the notice and remained on the island until police and rangers took action and made them remove the vehicles and camping gear at 6am yesterday."

WA today: Police claim moral win over protesters
19 Feb 12: "Police said they intervened in the Heirisson Island protest in order to avoid the establishment of an ongoing tent embassy like the one in the Australian Capital Territory. "We couldn't just keep on letting them go on, what we didn't want was having a tent embassy there for the next 40 years like in Canberra, and that was never going to happen," Inspector Bill Munnee said."

Perth Now: Police swoop on island tent embassy
19 Feb 12: "POLICE have shut down a tent embassy set up by protesters on Heirisson Island last Sunday. Tensions ran high as angry Aboriginal protesters reluctantly pulled down their tents after 50 police descended on Heirisson Island. Arriving at 6am, police gave protestors a final chance to pack up their tents, and move their cars or face being forcibly removed."

Australian: Anger erupts as police clear Perth 'tent embassy'
19 Feb 12: "PROTESTERS at an Aboriginal "tent embassy" in Perth have angrily confronted police officers who marched in to enforce an order to remove their cars from a public reserve. About 50 officers arrived at Heirisson Island early this morning to enforce a Perth City Council move-on notice to remove about 10 cars and tents. The protesters agreed to pack up their tents and did so. But angry scenes erupted when flat-bed trucks arrived to load up protesters' cars and about 30 police marched in to enforce the removal of the vehicles."

Australian: Tent protesters told: move or the cops will be called
18 Feb 12: "PREMIER Colin Barnett has warned protesters at the Noongar tent embassy on Perth's Heirisson Island that police will force them to move if necessary. The protesters were presented with a notice to remove their tents by yesterday. City of Perth chief executive Frank Edwards went to the camp yesterday morning but no one was prepared to take the letter so he left it on the ground."

Green Left: Council threatens to evict Nyoongar Tent Embassy
17 Feb 12: "A Nyoongar Tent Embassy was established on Perth’s Heirisson Island on February 12 after the state government proposed to extinguish Nyoongar native title. The protesters made an urgent call for support after Perth City Council made its second threat to close the embassy down on February 17. Many of those taking a leading role in the Embassy are local Aboriginal activists recently returned from the 40-year commemoration of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra. Many Nyoongars have been outraged by WA premier Colin Barnett’s plans to make a $1 billion deal with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC)." Chris Jenkins, Perth

ABC Perth: Noongar tent embassy standoff in Perth
17 Feb 12: "A group of Indigenous protesters who have set up a Canberra-style tent embassy in Perth are refusing to move from the site. Noongar Tent Embassy representatives say they ripped up a 'move on notice' from the City of Perth today because it was not issued correctly. ... "It's time that the Perth City Council, the State Government and the Federal Government recognise our status and come to the party and give us due respect," Noongar spokesperson Greg Martin said."

Perth Now: Noongar tent embassy campers vow to stay on Heirisson Island
17 Feb 12: "ABORIGINAL activists who set up a "tent embassy" on Heirisson Island this week have asked the Premier to meet with them for a chat around the camp fire. The request follows days of racial abuse, with police called to the site on Friday night to witness slurs coming from passing cars and boats. ... Today, Noongar Tent Embassy spokesman Greg Martin said he wanted to invite Premier Colin Barnett to meet with the group and talk about their concerns."

West Australian: Tent embassy must go: Premier
15 Feb 12: "An Aboriginal "tent embassy" set up on an island near central Perth will not be allowed to stay long term, Premier Colin Barnett says. About a dozen activists have set up camp on Heirisson Island on the Swan River to protest against a proposed native title settlement for the Noongar people of the State’s South West. They are calling it the Noongar tent embassy and have vowed to stay there until a better deal is reached."

Green Left: WA gov't deal to extinguish native title provokes protest
12 Feb 12: "Supporters of a proposed deal between Nyoongar people and the WA state government say that it has the potential to "close the gap" between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Yet opponents say the deal is no good. The state government has proposed a deal that would put $60 million a year for 10 years into a trust fund. After the 10 years, the government says this "future fund", would be used to develop "economic opportunities" for Aboriginal people. ... local Aboriginal activists protested outside the February 8 meeting at which the proposed deal was put to representatives of the Nyoongar land claim." Alex Bainbridge, Perth

ABC: Noongar elders slam native title deal 'sham'
8 Feb 12: "There have been angry scenes in Perth's Kings Park where dozens of Aboriginal people are protesting against a billion-dollar native title deal. Premier Colin Barnett met about 200 Noongar people this morning to answer questions about the agreement for Perth and the South West. In scenes reminiscent of angry protests in Canberra on Australia Day, Mr Barnett was forced to remain inside for more than 30 minutes after the meeting ended due to security concerns."

9 News: WA tent embassy mirrors Canberra
8 Feb 12: "In a move mirroring Canberra, activists have established an Aboriginal tent embassy outside the grounds of Western Australia's parliament. ... Soon after the premier was escorted by security guards to his car amid angry scenes, the protesters turned their attention to a grass area outside Parliament House, erecting a two-man tent with an Aboriginal flag and a placard reading "Nyoongar Tent Embassy". Noongar Aboriginal activist Marianne Mackay, who was at the recent Australia Day protest in Canberra, said the tent was a precursor to establishing a permanent site."


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Event: Mon 20 to Fri 24 February 2012: Northern Territory
Public hearings
Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill 2011 and two related bills
"Monday 20 February: Ntaria (Hermannsburg)
Tuesday 21 February: Alice Springs, Chifley Alice Springs Resort
Wednesday 22 February: Maningrida
Thursday 23 February: Darwin, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly
Friday 24 February: Darwin, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly"
Event details: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate_Committee...
Event details: [scroll down page] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/


WGAR News: Submissions received on Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill (8 Feb 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/02/08/wgar-news-four-actions-to-help-stop-t...

WGAR News: More on the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill (9 Feb 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/02/09/wgar-news-tent-embassy-protest-interv...

WGAR News: Book report launched: "NT Consultations Report 2011: By Quotations" (19 Feb 12)

WGAR News: More on Government’s proposed Stronger Futures legislation (19 Feb 12)
[scroll down page] http://indymedia.org.au/2012/02/19/wgar-news-book-report-launched-nt-con...


Click on the links for details of the events ...

Event: 25 January to Wed 22 February 2012: Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW
Photography exhibition of works by Kamilaroi woman Barbara McGrady
"Boomalli Aboriginal Artists’ Co-operative is hosting
Rites here! Rights now!, a photography exhibition of
works by Kamilaroi woman Barbara McGrady."
Event details: http://www.boomalli.com.au/latest-exhibition.html
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/photography-exhibition-of-works-by-kamilaroi-wom...

Event: 11 February 2012 to 26 May 2012: South Bank, Brisbane, Qld
Exhibition: From Little Things Big Things Grow
- Fighting for Indigenous Rights 1920-1970
Event description: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/
Event location: http://www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/from_little_things_big_things_grow/tra...

Event: Mon 20 to Fri 24 February 2012: Northern Territory
Public hearings
Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill 2011 and two related bills
"Monday 20 February: Ntaria (Hermannsburg)
Tuesday 21 February: Alice Springs, Chifley Alice Springs Resort
Wednesday 22 February: Maningrida
Thursday 23 February: Darwin, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly
Friday 24 February: Darwin, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly"
Event details: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate_Committee...
Event details: [scroll down page] http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/

Event: Thu 23 February 2012: UTS, Sydney, NSW
Inaugural More Civil Societies workshop
"Do you want to make a political difference?
want some tips on how to put Indigenous and
Feminist viewpoints into politics, policy and practice?"
"The co-ordinator/presenter will be Eva Cox
has considerable expertise in action and
teaching this area. Other speakers may include
Rebecca Peters, Terry Priest, Rochelle Widdowson,
Paddy Gibson and other activists."
Event details: http://www.sydneykin.org.au/pipermail/womenforwik/2012-January/000671.html

Event: Sat 25 February 2012: Yagoona, Sydney, NSW
Stopping income management and winning Indigenous self-determination
Aunty Margaret Goneis;
Violet Roumeliotis;
Cassandra Goldie
"The Australian Government is expanding its
"income management" policy - first
implemented as part of the NT Intervention
- into 5 trial areas next year, including the
local government area of Bankstown.
Come and be part of the struggle to stop
this punitive and shameful policy and to
win Indigenous self-determination."
Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/314657005221180/
Event details: http://www.search.org.au/projects/roundtables/eighth-roundtable

Event: Mon 27 February 2012: Parliament House, Canberra, ACT
Our Generation Film Screening
Hosted by Australian Lawyers Alliance
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/actsnsw/comments/27739/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Tue 28 February 2012: Lawns of Parliament House, Canberra, ACT
Major Rally: Stand For Freedom
Stand Against a Decade of Discrimination:
Stop the Second Intervention!
Confirmed speakers:
Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra & Dr. John Falzon
Free outdoor screening of Our Generation
"Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory legislation
currently before parliament would extend the NT
Intervention for a further ten years."
Initiated by:
Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney (STICS) &
Our Generation &
Say No to Government Income Management Coalition
Event details: http://indymedia.org.au/stand-against-a-decade-of-discrimination-stop-th...
Flyer: http://stoptheintervention.org/uploads/files_to_download/Past%20Events/C...

Event: Tue 28 February to Sun 25 March 2012: Adelaide, SA
Exhibition: Deadly: in-between heaven and hell
Tandanya NACI and Adelaide Festival
"A major exhibition of newly commissioned works
by eight leading Australian Aboriginal artists and
collectives. ... For many Indigenous peoples,
'heaven on Earth' is the divine world shaped by
ancestral creators, where connection to country
and culture are in harmony with the experience
of self and community. At the other extreme, the
legacies of incursion and assimilation are a
'living hell'. The in-between is uneasy, lined
with hope and echoing with resilience."
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/sa/event/27911/

Event: Tue 6 March 2012: Parliament House, West Perth, WA
Justice for Rex Bellotti Jr Rally
Organised by the Bellotti Support Group
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/50031

Event: Sat 24 March 2012: Fullarton, SA
Amnesty International Fullarton Markets Group
"The government is currently deciding
whether they will fund essential services
on Aboriginal homelands in the next
Federal Budget.
Nearly one-third of Indigenous people in the
Northern Territory live on homelands.
Research shows that with proper services,
people can be happier, healthier and live
longer and on homelands."
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/sa/event/27913/

Event: Wed 28 March 2012: Parramatta Park, Qld
Black Deaths in Custody Watch Group meeting
Event details: http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/49933

Event: Thu 27 March 2012: Sydney, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening
Part of Message Sticks Festival 2012
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: Fri 6 April 2012: University of Melbourne, Vic
Gary Foley will be speaking on his amazing life and times
"The legendary Aboriginal activist has been at the
centre of major political activity for over 40 years.
In the 1970’s he joined the growing circle of Aboriginal
resistance in Australia, and formed the Aboriginal
Legal Service in Sydney. ... "
Part of Marxism 2012 Conference, Easter weekend
Presented by Socialist Alternative & ISO of NZ
Supported by Community Radio 3CR 855 AM
Event details: http://www.marxismconference.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=artic...
Marxism 2012 details: http://www.marxismconference.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=front...

Event: 7 April 2012: Darwin, NT
Rock Against Racism
Organised by DASSAN and Darwin Aboriginal Rights Collective
Event summary: http://dassan.weebly.com/rock-against-racism.html

Event: Sun 6 May 2012: Sydney, NSW
Our Generation Film Screening
Followed by Q&A with Dr Jeff McMullen
and Dr Thalia Anthony
Part of Sydney Greek Festival 2012
Event details: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/events/
Film info: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/about-2/
See bottom of this page for Our Generation film reviews

Event: 12 May 2012: Melbourne City, Vic
2012 Autumn Action:
Stop Aboriginal Death in Custody
Remember all who have died in custody
Organised by Indigenous Social Justice Association
Event details: http://www.isja-msg.com/coming_events.htm

Event: 11 August 2012: Melbourne City, Vic
2012 Winter Action:
Stop Aboriginal Death in Custody
Remember all who have died in custody
Organised by Indigenous Social Justice Association
Event details: http://www.isja-msg.com/coming_events.htm

Event: 10 November 2012: Melbourne City, Vic
2012 Spring Action:
Stop Aboriginal Death in Custody
Remember all who have died in custody
Organised by Indigenous Social Justice Association
Event details: http://www.isja-msg.com/coming_events.htm

- 'Our Generation' Film Reviews

Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater:
Our Generation - Showing in London - page 8
Winter 2011: "The Intervention is yet another example of the appalling treatment the Aboriginal People of Australia have been subjected to in such a short period of time compared to thousands of years of survival. Sinem Saban and Rev. Dr Gondarra supported by the Yolngu people and cinematographer, Damien Curtis, have created a sensitive and realistic view of the plight of those who wish to live a more traditional life in their homelands and of those who appear to be dispossessed." Christine Waterer

Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater:
ASG Information Night: Our Generation - page 6
Summer 2010: "Local resident and journalist, Jeff McMullen introduced "Our Generation", the film by Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis which we were there to see. The film explored in depth the Federal Government Intervention into Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory. Jeff had told us that the film’s producers were not having any success in having the film shown on government or commercial media outlets and they were having to screen it in local community halls to show the community at large just what was involved in the Intervention. It is basically a war on Aboriginal culture. The dispossession of the Aboriginal people is simply continuing in a new guise." Carol Gerrard


Our Generation: http://www.ourgeneration.org.au/

Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater: http://www.asgmwp.net/index.htm

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