BDS Max Brenner, Melbourne. 15/10/11

I write this to u on the occupied lands of the Wurundjeri ppl and near the lands of the Bunwurrung ppl. Melbourne is again occupied by the ppl and not the corporations.
Victory 1 day one for Occupy Melbourne and the Bans, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Melbourne Central Shopping Centre was shutdown. It has a store owned by the Strauss Group called Max Brenner.
There were great and emotional speeches, covering the reasons to BDS businesses like Max Brenner.
The march was peaceful as per normal, the energy was consistent. We first marched from the city square where the Occupy Melbourne group is making camp to the State Library. It is no accident that the State Library is flanked by John de Arc and St. George. Resistance is justified when the ppl r occupied. Melbourne's independence was formed on the stubborn belief that the Elites cannot tell us what to do. The diversity in marchers and speakers is growing. The msg is getting through.
We then marched across the Swanston St. to Melbourne Central. As we past each entrance it was locked down. As we past a side entrance, I was surprised to c police horses lined up out of sight until u past them. The intersection ahead; Elizabeth St., was blocked by a police van and police were gathering. Quickly we diverted alone the footpath toward the entrance where Max Brenner is. It was blocked by police.
These police have not burnt ppls crops, they had not used white phosphorus, they had not killed children, I c them bristle when they hear that they r being ordered to protect a company that supports these things.
Max Brenner (part of the Strauss Group) did NOT support an Israeli peace group, they did NOT support an Israeli children's charity, they did not even just support the IDF, NO, what Max Brenner did was support 2 brigades of the IDF that r accused of some of the most horrendous war crimes: the Golani and Givati Brigades. This makes Max Brenner head of the list.
If I sent money or any form of material support to a terrorist group, I would be arrested and I wouldn't be getting out anytime soon. Why should our government protect these stores from the publicity of peaceful protestors outside their front door. The police r part of the 99%. They will not stand 4 it. Constables speak to ur Sergeants, Sergeants speak to ur Senior Sergeants, and u speak to force command, tell them u do NOT want to waste ur time protecting this company from peaceful protestors and the publicity that goes with it.
Remember u r part of the 99%.
Occupy Melbourne NOT Palestine.
Free, free Palestine.
Max Brenner come off it, there's blood in ur hot chocolate.
We in the Occupy Melbourne Group r NOT here for ourselves, we give a shout-out to ALL the Occupy groups around the world thank-u Athens, thank-u Madrid, thank-u New York, Thank-u Stacie Buff, Thank-u Leigh Tatum, thank-u to all the ppl that know they r part of the 99%.
Tomorrow we march on the Melbourne Club. A men's only business club that is occupied by those that fancy themselves as part of the elites. Let us spoil their tea and crumpets.



We must keep the pressure on Max Brenner!
Well done to the protesters you can hold your heads up and stand tall