Nonviolence Activist Disarms Helicopter in Rockhampton

Bryan Law is currently in police custody after using a garden mattock to smash a military helicopter in Rockhampton Airport during the Talisman Saber US/Australian wargames.

Bryan caused a stir in Rockhampton by announcing his intention to disarm a military helicopter to the Rockhampton Airport, Defence Dept and QLD Police many months prior to the Talisman Saber military exercises.

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Bryans action follows in the tradition of the Ploughshares Movement, the nonviolent disarmament of weapons of war. Inspiration is found in the Bible scriptures of Isaiah (2:4) and Micah (4:3) where the prophets tell of a time when swords will be beaten into ploughshares, and Nations will no longer prepare for war. Since 1980 there have been more than 70 such actions, many resulting in jail sentences.

Watch Win News footage of Bryan Law entering the base and disarming the helicopter in the the plowshares action, in full view of guards:

Three other peace activists, Margaret Pestorius, Andy Paine and Robert Jones have been charged with trespass on commonwealth property after walking into the Shoalwater Bay Training Area intent on hindering and disrupting the wargames.

After three days within the Training Area the trio were arrested blockading military vehicles.

The activists treated their trespass as a peace pilgrimage dedicated to the Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter, the Austrian villager who spoke out against the Nazis, refused military service, was arrested, beheaded in 1943 and beatified in 2007.

Amongst other things, the Three Jaegerstaetter Amigos built and left a shrine to the Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter within the Training Area.

The trio appeared at the Rockhampton Magistrates Court this morning and were found guilty of trespass and obstruction. Robert was sentenced to pay $200 or serve 5 days in prison; Andy $600 or 6 days in prison, and Margaret was fined $750 and made to forfeit her GPS and Map.

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Congrats to Bryan and all the other activists fighting for a more sane and peaceful world in Rockhampton. Let's hope their actions inspire many more to actively take a stand against Australia's involvement in endless wars of U.S. aggression.

You can see a broad record of Peace Convergence Activities if you join the Facebook group Peace Convergence 2011. Or at or

Bryan and Graeme hope that all Australians will stand visible for peace and take DIRECT action to stop the war. Politicians won't do it for us anymore.