NSW police break up Palestinian solidarity protest outside Max Brenner in Parramatta

A group of students gathered outside of one of Max Brenner's franchise cafes in Sydney in protest at its support for the Israeli army. The protest is part of the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS campaign, which was called from a broad cross-section of Palestinian civil society organisations in 2005.

Max Brenner is a chocolate retailer owned by the Strauss Group, which is the second largest Israeli food and beverage company and is largely touted as one of the greatest successes of Israeli industry.

On its website in the section on "Corporate Responsibility," the Strauss Group emphasises its support for the Israeli army, noting: "Our connection with soldiers goes as far back as the country, and even further. We see a mission and need to continue to provide our soldiers with support, to enhance their quality of life and service conditions, and sweeten their special moments".

Report from Press TV via YoutubeMax Brenner has been the target of BDS actions throughout Australia for over two years. Protesters here say that this action is part of their commitment to the global BDS campaign which seeks to pressure companies that either profit from or support the Israeli military occupation until Israel ends the occupation and complies with international law and United Nations resolutions.

Early in the protest the police officers present tightened their control over the students movements. A number of police officers asked our crew to leave on a number of occasions, forcing us to stop filming and physically removing our crew away from the protest.

The students marched on chanting anti-Apartheid messages. The police officers then attempted to disperse the crowd and put an end to the protest. The police then used force to disperse the protesters, beating a number of students. Two students were charged with hindering police and their trials set for July 13.
The students have vowed to continue protesting outside of the ten Max Brenner cafes throughout Sydney, saying it is their legal right. They also criticized the police's role in protecting a company that openly supports an illegal military occupation while at the same time using violence against a peaceful student protest - Sat Jun 11, 2011.



The police do a good job generally it would be good if they could do some research into this topic and realize that the people protesting are right.Normally uni students are a pack of left wing shit stirrers but this time round they are right for once.

Solidarity from Melbourne. The pigs are upping the ante a bit, it's up to us to make the events even bigger to show them that we won't be intimidated.

How come you have issues with pigs, but are act like one?

What a joke IMCA is? A constructive account of the vent and the continuing internet hype was deleted. Another biased media outlet for pro-palestineans.

Boycott and remove all funding for this Marxist Media Provider!

It better than being a Zionist media outlet and supporting Terrorist acts Israel commit

I can't find any reference to Strauss supporting the Israeli army http://cr.strauss-group.com/en/our-way/corporate-governance And I can't understand how anyone thinks that targetting a chocolate shop, mainly patronised by children, will gain any sympathy for their 'cause'. Morons.

Hardly seems like something they would plaster all over their website.

However citation on how they support the military would be nice.

The corporate media has been reporting that support the IDF but no real detail.

The english translation that says
"Israel defense force
As part of the donations,sales division of Strauss Israel contributed to the soldiers of the 13th Battalion in the Golani Brigade.Donations earmarked for welfare activities,cultural and education,for soldiers with financial difficulties and to purchase sports equipment,food parcels, books and games donated to the club which spent the soldiers.Yotvata-our dairy farm in southern contributes like Samson's foxes Battalion in the Givati Brigade"
You can also read this one
Targeting the Chocolate shop shows Israel that we do not support their Terrorist acts the Strauss Group will get the message when their sales drop so much that it is not viable to keep shops open in Australia.It's called hitting them where it hurts,In the Pocket.That is why the Strauss group has dropped their speil from the English web site because it hurts them.Now is that so hard to understand MORON

I really do like chocolate.