WGAR News: Prime Minister Julia Gillard visits Mparntwe Alice Springs

Newsletter date: 9 June 2011

* Prime Minister visits Mparntwe Alice Springs
* One week to go! June 14 Canberra Rally against NT nuclear waste dump
* Background to Muckaty nuclear waste dump
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention


- Media Release

Intervention Rollback Action Group, Alice Springs:
Aboriginal leaders tell Gillard: The Intervention is a failure - Self-Determination now
7 Jun 11: "Town camp leader Barbara Shaw will present Prime Minister Julia Gillard with a statement today, calling for the repeal of all Intervention legislation and demanding a development program based on principles of self-determination.
Prime Minister Gillard's visit to Alice Springs comes in the wake of the release new government statistics that confirm growing social crises under the Intervention.
The statement 'Rebuilding from the Group Up: An Alternative to the NT Intervention' has already been endorsed by Aboriginal leaders from more than 15 communities, along with a range of organisations including the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), ANTaR and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission.
The statement will be formally launched at a demonstration in Darwin on June 21, marking four years since the announcement of the Intervention. ...
For a full copy of the statement and list of current endorsements see http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/alternative-to-the-interven... "

- Audio

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 08-06-2011
8 Jun 11: "* The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made a whirlwind visit to Alice Springs, visiting a town camp and awarding native title over a large landmass in Central Australia. She also sat down with local aboriginal elders.
* Not every one was happy with the Prime Ministers visit. Local town camper Barb Shaw presented Ms Gillard with a statement calling for the repeal of all intervention legislation and replacing it with a development program based on self determination.
* Alice springs peak representative body for town campers Tangentyere Council says the PM and Federal Indigenous affairs Minister Jenny Macklin had missed an opportunity to hear what was happening on the ground in the town camps."

ABC AM: Alice town camp residents still waiting for housing upgrades
7 Jun 11: "In the lead up to the Prime Minister's visit to Alice Springs today, new concerns have been raised about the Federal Government's multi-million dollar Aboriginal housing program. Julia Gillard will be led on a tour of town camps where $150 million is being spent on building and renovating homes to alleviate chronic overcrowding. But one group of town camp residents has accused the Government of reneging on a promise to build new houses, and the Federal Opposition says too much money is being spent on poor quality home refurbishments."
[Includes comments by Robert Hoosan of Old Timers' camp, NT Senator Nigel Scullion and Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin.]

ABC PM: Alice Springs community NGOs disappointed by PM's visit
7 Jun 11: "The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made her first visit to the red centre as Prime Minister to take a firsthand look at the progress of the Government's Indigenous housing program. Non government organisations were hoping for an announcement aimed at cutting high levels of alcohol abuse but they were disappointed."
[Includes comments by Conrad Ratara, Bess Price, David Ross and Julia Gillard.]

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 07-06-2011
7 Jun 11: "Alice Springs residents are preparing for Tuesdays visit from the Prime Minister Julia Gillard."

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
CAAMA Radio News 6-06-2011
6 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard will visit town camps and the new visitor park as part of her visit to Alice Springs on Tuesday."

- Analysis / Opinion

New Matilda: When Julia Went To Alice
8 Jun 11: "Julia Gillard's tour of Alice Springs was a carefully managed photo opportunity, with local residents instructed not to talk to the media. Jennifer Mills went along for the ride and got them talking anyway. Despite the rain, the media were directed to keep on the sunny side during Julia Gillard’s spin-heavy visit to Alice Springs yesterday, her first as Prime Minister. Amid allegations of mismanagement of government contracts and reports of continued overcrowding in town camps, the PM made a short, carefully managed trip, focusing on a mantra of progress and getting the job done." Jennifer Mills

Canberra Times Editorial: Intervention's mixed outcomes
8 Jun 11: "The Northern Territory National Emergency Response has yielded mixed results since being implemented four years ago by the Howard government to curb violence and alcohol abuse in indigenous communities and improve the welfare of children living in those communities. ... Consultation, or rather the lack of it, was one of the biggest criticisms levelled at the architects of the intervention, and many indigenous communities remain convinced their views are still being ignored ... "

Australian: Gillard on right track to progress NT intervention
8 Jun 11: "Julia Gillard's visit to Alice Springs was a useful opportunity for her to see and hear the problems and progress of indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory firsthand. It was especially useful that the Prime Minister spoke with community leaders who understand better than anyone how federal and state policies are impacting on the people they are designed to benefit. Her overview would have been even more complete had she visited those who live in tents and shacks without power or bathrooms in squatters' camps outside the town."

SMH: Artist keen to paint picture of camp life
7 Jun 11: "FOR more than a decade, Kevin Wirri fought a lonely battle to have his town camp declared dry and made more liveable for its residents. ... If he gets the chance to talk to the Prime Minister today, he will give a mixed report on the success of efforts to improve health and housing and tackle endemic social problems that flow from alcohol and substance abuse and welfare dependence. While he supports the spending on housing, he is emphatically opposed to Tony Abbott's proposal for a second intervention." Michael Gordon

Crikey: Questions Gillard should ask in Alice Springs, but probably won’t
7 Jun 11: "1. What is the hard evidence that our interventions over the past four years have improved the well being of children here?
2. Why does the latest implementation report show that school attendance is down in the NT, despite income management and more teachers?
3. Why did the recent independent report to the NT government on child protection point out the deteriorating ... " Eva Cox

Liberal Party of Australia: Prime Minister's visit to Alice Springs
5 Jun 11: "I welcome the fact that the Prime Minister will travel this week to Alice Springs to examine some of the serious problems afflicting the town. In March I wrote to the Prime Minister proposing urgent action in the form of a new intervention to deal with the gathering social dysfunction in Alice Springs and some of the other regional centres in the Northern Territory. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister declined to join me on a joint trip to Alice Springs in April, however this week’s visit is welcome."

Green Left: Alice solutions staring them in the face
4 Jun 11: "Alice Springs is a town unlike any other and to an outsider its racial tensions are noticeable. Walking through the shopping centre one sees security guards tell Aboriginal people to move on when they are window shopping. Poverty and homelessness are visible - and visibly black. It has always been a town that has struggled with dealing with this visible poverty - and the less visible disadvantage of the communities in the town camps. It has been back in the spotlight with a rise in social problems caused by an influx of Aboriginal people from other places." Professor Larissa Behrendt, Chair of Indigenous Research, University of Technology Sydney

- Video

Australian: Julia Gillard pledge on indigenous opportunity
8 Jun 11: "IMPROVING education and tackling the devastating effects of alcohol abuse will be a key focus of the Gillard government's future efforts in indigenous communities beyond the intervention. ... Aboriginal activist Bess Price -- who was among those who spoke to the Prime Minister in a separate meeting in Alice Springs -- said she flagged the need for more jobs in remote communities."

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Exclusive Interview with Prime Minister Julia Gillard
7 Jun 11: "Nerida Currey interviews the Prime Minister Julia Gillard"

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
PM In Alice
7 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Alice Springs to give land back and see for herself what her goverment is doing for the community of Alice Springs, Nerida Currey Reports"

ABC Lateline: Gillard inspects NT intervention first hand
7 Jun 11: "When the Prime Minister visited Alice Springs today Aboriginal elders let her know what they believed should be done. Julia Gillard was told there needed to be a minimum price set for alcohol, and school attendance should be given a higher priority. The Prime Minister also wanted to discuss the next stage of the federal intervention. ... "

ABC Insiders: Serious issues remain at Alice Springs: Macklin
5 Jun 11: "Now we'll go to our studio guest, the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin. She's about to take Julia Gillard on a tour of Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Tony Abbott went on a similar road trip in late April."

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Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
Prime Minister Lands in Mparntwe Alice Springs
7 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard is in Alice Springs visiting OLSHC Learning Centre, Hidden Valley Town Camp & the handover of Finke Gorge National Park & Simpson Desert stage1v… the PM held a press conference to announce another Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan"

- News

ABC Rural: Emotional scenes as Finke Gorge returns to Traditional Owners
8 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard's visit to Alice Springs culminated in a handback of the famous Finke Gorge National Park, 138 kilometres west of Alice Springs to the Lhere Pirnte Aboriginal Land Trust."

SMH: Let's walk the long road together, elder tells PM as land is handed back
8 Jun 11: "JULIA GILLARD came to listen, and the message she received could hardly have been more emphatic. It was summed up by an Arrernte leader, Conrad Ratara, at an emotional ceremony to hand back four parcels of ancestral lands to Aborigines, more than 30 years after claims were lodged."

ABC: Gillard accused of dodging poorest town camps
7 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been accused of not witnessing the true extent of poverty in the town camps around Alice Springs. The chief executive of Tangentyere council says Ms Gillard is only visiting camps that have had Government money poured into them. The Prime Minister is at the start of a three-day visit to the Northern Territory and is inspecting the progress of housing programs in and around Alice Springs."

ABC: Gillard under fire ahead of Red Centre visit
7 Jun 11: "In the lead-up to Prime Minister Julia Gillard's visit to Alice Springs today, new concerns have been raised about the Federal Government's multi-million dollar Aboriginal housing program. ... But one group of town camp residents has accused the Government of reneging on a promise to build new houses. Robert Hoosan hopes Ms Gillard will find the time to see the condition of the houses at Old Timer's Camp where he lives on the south side of the city."

Accidentally Outback: Gillard to tour town camps in the Alice
7 Jun 11: "Julia Gillard has touched down in Alice Springs, for what many are hoping will be an eye-opening trip for the Prime Minister. Concerns have been growing over the Federal Government’s $670 million Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Programme (SIHIP), and $150 million Alice Springs Transformation Plan, with many, including Opposition leader Tony Abbott, saying the funds have been wasted."

Sky News: PM urged to consult widely in NT
7 Jun 11: "Aboriginal social justice commissioner Mick Gooda has advised Prime Minister Julia Gillard to talk to as many people as possible to get a broad picture of the situation in central Australia. Mr Gooda said Ms Gillard needed to understand what was going well and what wasn't."

Koori Mail: PM opens accommodation in Alice
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
7 Jun 11: "PRIME Minister Julia Gillard officially opened a new $8.3 million transitional accommodation facility today which is part of the plan to transform areas of Alice Springs and the town camps so that they are safe, healthy places to live in. The Aherlkeme Village will provide 75 supported accommodation places to help homeless Indigenous people make the move into public housing."

ISRIA: Australia - Historic hand back to traditional owners in Central Australia
Jun 11: "One of the largest parcels of Aboriginal land in the history of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) has been returned to traditional owners. Prime Minister Julia Gillard today handed back the deeds to four parcels of land to traditional owners at a ceremony in Alice Springs."

ABC Alice Springs: PM in Alice
7 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard arrived in Alice Springs this morning to a packed itinerary including an unscheduled press conference following the news of another Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan"

West Australian: Gillard hands back NT land to Aborigines
7 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard has capped off the first day of her Northern Territory tour by handing a large parcel of Aboriginal land back to its traditional owners."

7 News: PM should see real Alice Springs: Abbott
7 Jun 11: "Prime Minister Julia Gillard should use her visit to Alice Springs to view the real lives of its indigenous residents, opposition leader Tony Abbott says. ... Her tour follows a similar visit by Mr Abbott, who has called for a renewed intervention."


- Event

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:
One week to go! Canberra Rally June 14
7 Jun 11: "The Canberra rally next week is building to be a great event and will be important to help demonstrate the broad, national support for the campaign against the proposed NT radioactive waste dump.
So far we know of contingents coming from Tennant Creek, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Melbourne and Canberra.
If you are unable to attend but would like to support the campaign, please consider making a donation towards travel costs for the Muckaty Traditional Owners to attend and speak. See ‘contact’ page on this website or details.
Converge on Canberra next Tuesday June 14 and demand renewables not radioactivity!
Community Rally
June 14, 2011
12 midday at Parliament House

- Related News

NT News: Nuclear dump in question
7 Jun 11: "NORTHERN Land Council chief executive Kim Hill has not met with traditional owners of the area earmarked for Australia's first nuclear waste dump. ... Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam asked Mr Hill and the council's principal legal officer, Ron Levy, in a Senate estimates hearing last week if either of them had visited Tennant Creek or the surrounding areas to discuss the dump."


YouTube: Muckaty Voices-Australia's nuclear waste dump story
""Muckaty Voices" is a short film capturing community resistance to an Australian government plan to dump radioactive waste at Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory."

Beyond Nuclear Initiative - Muckaty:

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:

Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump at Muckaty, NT
Briefing Paper - February 2011
Jim Green B.Med.Sci.(Hons.), PhD
National nuclear campaigner - Friends of the Earth, Australia
Friends of the Earth: http://www.foe.org.au/anti-nuclear/issues/oz/nontdump/Dump%20briefing%20...

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WGAR News: Newcastle Rally: No Waste Dump at Muckaty, 11 June 2011
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