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For years the humble writer has begged and hoped for the day when they would be accepted into the world of publishing. For years writers have sheltered from the cold in tiny tents made from their own failed scripts and unpublished Harry Potter fan fictions.

You don't want to end up like them, the losers, the ones who never get the girls in those bad rom-coms, they all started off like you -an unpublished writer.

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Hi, is Vibe Wire a youth writers context? A Crikey blog did a write up of one of the talks given at the Emerging Writers Festival down in Melbourne. The panel included Anita Heiss and others discussing the character typing of themselves as authors, by the categorising of their books into various genre. One of the points made in Crikey, is that young people get made in how they sustain and adjust their social status, by how editors guide them, whereas older authors are more likely to resist editorial input. Does it mean we all ought to break into the market young enough to become socially conditioned into writing commercially viable strings of words? Or, rather, does it mean that youth writers need more avenues of structured learning in becoming published and getting other people to read their writing, without being guided by a system of the commodification of literature, which may well be on the way out? I think the later, so good on the Vibe Wire site, even if I might be too old to contribute.

"the ones who never get the girls in those bad rom-coms" is a bit sexist isn't it? women know how to write too...