Another Night of "SHOCK and AWE" on Christmas Island

"When the AFP and TRG boarded the plane for Christmas Island at 4pm last Friday, the Christmas island protest had just begun. It was a totally peaceful action with groups of men walking the 15 kilometres through the jungle to the inhabited parts of the island." writes Pamela Curr, Co-ordinator of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne.

Over the next two days some went to the Mosque, some to the Construction Camp to visit family, some went swimming and some went to the airport to sit. No crime, no theft, absolutely peaceful.

On Sunday night most of the men returned to the camp pretty happy with their weekends work. Cheers went up and were heard on phone lines as the TV news filmed their banners calling for freedom.

A few hours later this changed completely. All Serco staff were called to the centre to provide a show of force, even the cooks and office staff. DIAC staff decided to enact a "snatch and grab' to take those thought to be leaders off to RED ONE isolation cells. After this everything changed.

The AFP and TRG then unleashed their secret weapons- bean bag rounds and tear gas, their use unheard of in this country against unarmed civilians. More was to come. Flash bangs and pyrotechnic and stronger tear gas were introduced on another night. By now the camp is on high alert and handed over to the AFP and TRG. As we enter another night, we wonder what weapons will be introduced tonight.

Of deeper concern is why all these weapons were brought on board on that Friday night when there was only a peaceful protest underway. Why did the police pack such an arsenal of weapons ?

What plan was underway that they thought that they could use these weapons ?

Beanbag rounds, flash bangs, pyrotechnics, rifles and machine guns capable of firing this stuff.- who had even heard of these much less know that our police had them stored away for a rainy day.

There are questions to be asked about the this use of violence which turned a peaceful protest into a running battle. When will it stop and will detainee deaths result from this brutal game?


Pamela Curr
Campaign Coordinator
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre



I don't recall tear gas being used by the authorities in any situation before in Australia? Can anyone list an occasion?

Did any investigative journalism take place during this article?

The TRG have not been deployed to Christmas Island. Only the AFP are there. You may not have heard of the particular munitions used but this does not make them secret. If the Police were not prepared for the riot questions would have been asked by law abiding citizens as to why. You question why the Police were prepared for an incident which occured and therefore justifies them bring their weapons?

The ORG "unleashed their secret weapons" to rescue the 16 staff who were in fear of their lives after RED ONE was over run by thugs intent on committing violence. Ask them how peaceful they believe the "protest" was.

You would be better off arguing the lengthy waiting periods processing visas rather than attacking the actions of police attempting to save lives.

Oh ... tears has been used in a number of prison riots in Australia. Google it.

I doubt this post will see the light of day.

Good news story from Christmas Island - reported by Pamela Curr:

It happened on Thursday night up at the Camp at NW POINT where all the tears gas and flash bangs were in operation.

SERCO officers were inside the compounds when AFP unleashed torrents of tear gas which they followed with the flash bangs.
This is a problem because tear gas lowers the ignition point of air and so the flash bangs ignite causing fires.

Serco guys were at risk so pick-up cars were driven around the perimeter and Serco were told on radios to get out and run for the cars.

One guy said that he couldn't because he was blinded by the tear gas and couldn't see where to go.

He said I am staying put - too dangerous to run when can't see where to go- besides my guys (detainees)will look after me- they know me.

Car moved on.

The detainees started to light a small fire. The Serco guard panicked and said - what are doing - you told me that you would look after me.

The detainees replied - yes we will - come over here and put your head over the fire and smoke- it will take the sting out of your eyes.

He did and it worked.

we are getting sick of you trolls and your comments

Comments from a typical ignorant individual. Only thing written with any truth is that the afp were on christmas island. Well done.

One must consider that the AFP had an overarching responsibility to security that underpinned the actions taken in this volatile incident. Whilst the use of force in this incident is regrettable, as Australia's Premier Law Enforcement body it is the duty of the AFP to respond officially, appropriately and in a measured way to protect the life and property of the inhabitants of the Detention Centre and the wider Community of Christmas Island. The skills, tactics and equipment utilised in this situation is the same as deployed by the Australian Government across the arc of instability that is the Asia Pacific Region.


No one can be proud of the fact that the Australian government have no idea what they are doing.
No one can be proud of how the Island has turned into a quite a frightening and unsafe place to live.
No one can be proud of the biased information that is post everywhere.
No one can be proud of how much Australian tax payers have helped those asylum seekers and get this in return.

Indeed, no one can be proud of what is going on here.

Have you thought of the residents of Christmas Island, Stop with your bias and get a real perspective. How would you like if you had potential terrorists sitting in your front yard, tearing up your neighborhood. Before you speak, gain a perspective! I support the actions of the police. We need to remember that these people are only claiming to be genuine refugees, Among them could be terrorists and other people with the intent of harm! We feed them and house them in a facility that is state of the art, what more can a GENUINE refugee want. They claim to victims of war, So what do they do, bring war to our country!

Sincerely A resident of Christmas Island

>Sincerely A resident of Christmas Island



thats a pretty stupid thing to say and would suggest that you are in fact a racist lier that shouldn't be trusted.

This article is terrible filled with lies. You forgot to write how they climbed up the fence and shook it until it broke down. That's pretty peaceful, pretty sure if an Australian citizen did that to a government property we would be locked up.