ANZ funds dirty, future wrecking coal fired power stations. Ask ANZ to invest in renewables

The campaign to stop investment in another generation of polluting coal power is marching on. Following a big presence at the ANZ bank's AGM in December, activists and Climate Action Groups have taken the message to the streets, confronting ANZ during their sponsorship of the Australian Open in Melbourne and Sydney Festival. Over 45 actions have taken place outside ANZ branches since the campaign kicked off toward the end of last year. Now, climate action groups and NGOs are writing letters from each of their groups to ANZ and preparing to escalate activities that pressure ANZ to adopt a policy to not finance any new coal power stations.

Go to to tell ANZ to STOP funding future wrecking coal fired power stations and fund renewables. For our childrens future.



thats it delete the comments you dont agree with your weak but we already knew that because you wont put your name to it pathetic.
I invest my money to make money

...and pay the external cost of pollution instead of leaving it to the rest of us.