Before Edward Snowden and Wikileaks, William Roy attempted to expose mass surveillance by the United States government and was killed in 1991

Manning, Assange, Snowden….but before the age of Wikileaks came brilliant electronics, communications and surveillance expert and whistleblower William Francis Roy who was killed at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia in March 1991.


Protest voters are taking control of our politicians

Protest voters refused to toe the line and vote according to the (self interested) leaflets.

Emails circulating saying " PROTEST VOTES How to Lodge a Protest Vote: So long as you obtain a ballot paper in a lawful manner and place it in the ballot box you cannot be compelled to vote for the candidates on that ballot paper and may, if you wish, cast your vote against all names on that paper by neatly crossing them out. You have legally signified that none of the candidates on that ballot paper meet with your satisfaction."evidently struck a chord.


Three senior Carenne Special School staff charged and mentioned in court

On Monday 19 April 2010, three senior staff of Carenne Special School - Neil Moon (Principal), Lee Churches (Assistant Principal) and Terry Neal (Assistant Principal) had criminal charges mentioned before the Bathurst Local Court. A Carenne Gate reporter was on hand as the matter was mentioned.