Tennant & District Times - Nuke waste in focus - Muckaty in the frame

WGAR News: Who Gets To Develop James Price Point?: Deborah Ruiz Wall, New Matilda

Newsletter date: 18 February 2013


* Deborah Ruiz Wall, New Matilda: Who Gets To Develop James Price Point?
* ABC: Wilderness Society challenges gas hub approvals
* Kimberley Page: Rachel Siewert on gas hub emmisions
* The West: Govt defends axing of greenhouse gas controls
* Kimberley Campaign Events
* Background to the Save The Kimberley Campaign - James Price Point, north of Broome, WA

* The Wire interviews Manawangu (Muckaty) Traditional Owners Isobel Phillips & Doris Kelly
* Tennant & District Times: Nuke waste in focus, Muckaty in the frame