Callout to defend abortion rights - Parliament House, 8 October 2011

Ever since abortion was decriminalised in Victoria, in 2008, there has been a determined push by the anti-choice faction to reverse this long-overdue reform, with Right to Life leading the way. In addition, harassment at the East Melbourne Fertility Control Clinic has continued on a daily basis, and monthly assemblies by the so-called Helpers of God's Precious Infants are kept at a distance from the clinic by pro-choice supporters led by the Campaign for Women's Reproductive Rights.


How defending abortion rights becomes a free speech battle

The abortion wars have not abated. In Victoria, they have recently escalated into a full-on free speech fight as Melbourne City Council targets Radical Women for harassment, including large fines, as they attempt to defend an abortion clinic from far right anti-abortion activists. This has become an important test case not only in the campaign for abortion rights but for the right to protest in Melbourne.

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Cairns abortion case trial date set: Pro-choice supporters plan national protest

Pro-choice supporters are gearing up for a national day of protest on the Saturday before the Cairns abortion case goes to trial. The trial has been set down for October 12. Rallies will be held across the country on October 9 to demand the dropping of the charges brought under Queensland’s anti-abortion laws against a couple in Cairns.

“When a woman and her partner are facing trial under the abortion laws, it is time to take action”, said Pro-Choice Action Collective activist, Kathy Newnam.


Brisbane: Pro-choice rally to demand government action

A pro-choice rally will be held in Brisbane on November 21 as part of the ongoing campaign against the prosecution of a Cairns couple under Queensland’s anti-abortion laws.

The rally will demand the dropping of the abortion charges and the repeal of the anti-abortion laws.

Pro-Choice Action Collective activist, Kathy Newnam said “The laws under which the Cairns couple have been charged should not exist. Abortion should not be on the criminal code. Abortion has been decriminalised in the ACT (2002) and Victoria (2008) and it’s high time that Queensland did the same.