Verdict delivered in case of persecuted Aboriginal family

Over the last two days, the verdict was delivered in the case of the five adult defendants arrested on trumped up charges following a violent police raid on the home of an Aboriginal family living in the Outer Western Sydney suburb of Riverstone. The police raided the home after 8am in the morning after the 21st birthday party of "Tisha" (i.e. Letisha) Hickey. During the raid in September last year, Tisha was dragged across the road and crushed by police leaving her with bruises on her arms, legs and stomach. A sleazy male cop also lifted up her skirt and inappropriately touched her.



Racism, xenophobia, hostility towards refugees, migrants, Asians, Jews, Muslims or Aborigines as with the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, or any other expression derived from a perception of the superiority of one group over another, is entirely the product of an imbalance of power between women and men, the primary constituents of community.

If women and men achieve equality all demographics comprised of women and men achieve equality.

A republic governed by agreement between women's and men's legislatures, courts and corporate committees eliminates racism.