internet filtering

Save the Children, National Children's & Youth Law Centre and others speak out against Labors Internet censorship regime

We oppose the Federal Government’s plan to censor the internet through mandatory ISP-level internet filtering technology.

While we wholly support measures that effectively prevent the distribution of material refused classification under laws that properly respect free speech, this proposed filter does not meet that aim.

The proposed filter fails to meet the test of an effective child protection measure that respects the rights of children. Mandatory internet filtering curtails our human rights without offering any effective protection for children.


Protest in Canberra against net filtering

About 150 people gathered on the lawns of the Federal Parliament House on March 21 to protest the Federal Government's proposed mandatory internet filter. Most of the people who gathered were Canberra locals.

Speakers included John Kaye from the Greens, Fiona Patten from the Sex Party, and Jim Stewart from Search Engine Optimisation company