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Philippines: Where does the FOI campaign go from here?

Right to Know! Right Now!

Today, we close our people’s campaign for the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill in the 15th Congress. We have, to the extent that our capacities and limited resources permitted, exhausted all avenues that we thought were open to us to get positive, decisive action from the leaders of the House of Representatives and from President Aquino no less.

Sydney demands information freedom and justice for Bradley Manning

Around one hundred people came out to Sydney’s Town Hall Square as part of an international weekend of solidarity rallies calling for an end to the persecution of alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning.


Swedish king a liability ?

I wonder how the King of Sweden fares these days.
The news about him was released in the same week, as the Swedish accusations against Julian Assange :

The King of Sweden, besides other European and global functions, is the guy who hands over the nobel prize for economics and finance...but only to the utmost vetted contenders, who are NOT rattling the cage about the DEBT FINANCE system. It is separate from the other nobel prizes.