Inquiry to review Australia’s diplomatic response against the death penalty


Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, has commissioned a parliamentary inquiry to review Australia’s diplomatic efforts against the death penalty, following the executions last April of drug traffickers, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan in Bali.

A parliamentary human rights subcommittee, chaired by former attorney-general Philip Ruddock, will examine Australia’s current engagement on capital punishment, and will recommend further steps the government can take on the world stage.


Singapore - The Necropolis City of Hangings

Singapore hanged two prisoners on July 18, 2014. Foong Chee Peng, 48, and Tang Hai Liang, 36, were hanged at dawn inside Singapore's Changi Prison.

The hangings were reported by the Singapore media and all worldwide media - excluding Australia (in the slight chance Australia would be seen to upset the tiny island nation of five million people).

Both men were convicted of drug-trafficking. Tang was found to have trafficked 89.55g of diamorphine and Foong was found to have trafficked 40.23g of diamorphine.

Middle Eastern Nations Spike in Executions

It sounds like a scene from a grisly horror film ... five decapitated bodies swinging from a horizontal pole suspended over the main square in the city of Jijzan in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Beside each body hangs a plastic bag containing the victim's head. Yards away, students are arriving at a local university to take their exams.

These haunting images of five Yemeni men who were executed in Saudi Arabia provide gruesome details of the aftermath of public executions.

World should thank Iran for high executions, says Tehran official

The circus of public executions in Iran continues at an alarming rate. Iran has stepped up executions and believes in doing so, it has earned the gratitude of mankind.

The Islamic republic's execution rate, which has soared to ghastly heights since self-described moderate Hassan Rouhani became president last year, should be viewed as a “positive marker of Iranian achievement,” according to the head of Iran’s Judiciary Human Rights Council.

Bloody Iran

Legally killing people in public borders insanity in Iran.

The spike in the number of executions carried out so far this year in Iran is alarming and public executions continue to increase. Last month (January) the Iranian Government hanged 33 people in one week alone. In 2013, 625 people were executed, including at least 28 women and a number of political prisoners. But the actual number of executions is a state secret and the authorities permit only a proportion of executions to be reported to the public.

Calls to Boycott Texas - Texas Sucks

The state of Texas in the USA continues to flout International Law as it prepares to wrongfully execute a Mexican citizen.

The Mexican Goverment has demanded life in prison for a Mexico citizen on death row in Texas, USA.

Edgar Tamayo Arias, 46, is scheduled for execution on 22nd January 2014.